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Many people have been attacked and killed in Corona, but who cares about the beggars on the way.😔

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1 year ago

Many people have been attacked and killed in Corona, but I have never seen or heard of beggars or vagabonds or lunatics in Corona. What is the reason for this?

Such a celebrity died in a road accident yesterday - this headline can be seen almost all over the news channel, but how many hundreds of beggars, vagrants, crazy cars die every day. Do their words come out in the newspaper like that? Or shows on the news channel? Or on social media?

That is the reality. Journalists report that famous people have been infected with corona. Because that's what everyone will see. Almost everyone is interested to know. But beggars, who cares about the insane corona? You, there are beggars on the road near my house. Do we know the news of all of them? Do we all find out if they have eaten at any time, not just in Corona, or if their body is OK? The answer may be, 'No'. It does not change during the coronation. Where we can't keep track of them ourselves, how will journalists cover so many beggars and lunatics that we can see or hear them? But will all people be interested in it? Maybe for the first few days there will be interest then most people will be less interested in the news. The popularity of the media will continue to decline. So people highlight what they like to see. And many of us don't like beggars and lunatics.

As they were neglected in the previous Corona situation, so it is in Corona. One day in the first news, a picture of some beggars being washed and given food was seen on the news channel. But then again they have disappeared from the media.

In the extreme reality of the society, all these crazy beggars do not come in the light of the media every day. In the midst of busyness, these people do not even get a chance to come to the light of our hearts. Maybe sometimes they get one or two taka coins from us. We are busy with our work. Journalists are busy presenting various interesting news. Sometimes all these people are ignored in the rules of society. This is the harsh reality for them. We no longer know whether they died or survived - neither in the past nor in the past.

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Written by   87
1 year ago
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