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Telling Pick-up Lines to a 16-year old guy on Omegle... #OmegleSeriesEp1

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10 months ago

Hello everyone! This is gonna be a blogging account that will be publishing Omegle conversations. We know what is Omegle unless you are a 56 year old who lives in the mountains. Omegle has a lot of possibilities. Possibilities like possibilities. You get it!

Image: Omegle Logo and Header via Omegle

So this will be the first conversation that I had and for this article, I was in the mood of throwing some pick up lines to strangers. Its very cheesy but whatever.

On this Omegle encounter, I was able to chat with a 16-year old guy. Yes! A freaking 16 year-old. I guess Omegle is open for everyone who knows how to open a browser. I won't be shocked if there would be a 5-year old on the site chatting now.

Photo by Monstera from Pexels

Anyways, stop talking now and lets proceed to the very first Omegle Conversation. This will not be a long conversation. This is not a novel or a short story so limit your expectations. If you're ready? Let's get right to it.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say STAND WITH HONG KONG AGAINST THE CCP!

You: Hey.

Stranger: Hey

Stranger: M or F

You: F. What about you?

Stranger: M

Stranger: Age?

You: I am 19.

You: and you?

Stranger: 16

You: 16?

Stranger: Yeah why

You: Nothing. I mean don't you think you're a bit young to be in here?

Stranger: No

Stranger: There are like 12 year Olds in this

You: You're right. What brings you here by the way?

Stranger: I don't know I'm just tryna find a girl that I can get to know and hopefully move on from that but not straight away

Stranger: And u?

You: That is a solid reason. Hahaha.

You: I am just here to find the one and I think I just did.

Stranger: What do u mean u think u just did

You: Nothing. Hahaha.

You: People are catching Coronavirus but

Stranger: No come on tell me please

Stranger: But what

You: but the only thing I’m catching is feelings for you.

Stranger: Damn

Stranger: Same here

Stranger: By the way do u have snap

You: Nah. I don't use Snapchat.

You: Can I follow you?

Stranger: On what insta

You: Anywhere cause my mom told me to follow my dreams.

Stranger: Damn ok

Stranger: But do u have insta

Stranger: For real now

You: I actually have one.

Stranger: What

Stranger: Have one what

Stranger: ??

You: What's your insta handle?

Stranger: My name is *************. (Well I cannot really put his actual name can I? But I would though if he is not SIXTEEN years old)

Stranger: On insta

Stranger: Do u have insta tho

Stranger: Yes or no

You: I don't. But you know what I have?

Stranger: What do u have

You: Girlfriend qualities.

Stranger: Okay them put them to use

Stranger: I wanna experience those qualities

Stranger: Then*

You: For sure. I mean you're 16 though.

Stranger: Yeah for u thats a problem

You: I mean yeah. I don't wanna go to jail.

Stranger: But u don't even know I look and I don't know how u look

Stranger: But if it does happen we can keep it a secret for a while u know

Stranger: It's all up to u

Stranger: ??

Stranger: Do u have whatsapp

Image: Omegle Logo and Header via Omegle

I already ended the chat here. I just realized that its getting deeper and deeper and I don't want to get in trouble. He is 16 for Christ's sake. However, just for curious people out there, I did check his account and guess what, he is very young looking. I cannot really disclose his Instagram handle but I can give you some descriptions. Imagine! A young Caucasian guy with a curly blonde hair. Based on the photos I have seen, I think he is tall for his age. I mean I'm not for sure because what I saw was some photos. I don't really care though. I want to keep going but his age just gets in the way. May be we can get naughty if we will be able to chat a stranger who is not 16!

If you enjoyed this, I would appreciate a simple comment below and speaking of comment, why not suggest like a "theme" that we can do on the next one? Like any interesting concept that you would want to see. Lastly, your recommendations will be really great.

Thank you and see you on the next one.

Lead Image: Photo by Monstera from Pexels

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Written by   1
10 months ago
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I was really enjoying the conversation and was really going with the flow when you suddenly ended the conversation. I think you guys should continue being naughty, it's actually enjoyable. This is the part where I keep in touch with more of your posts as a form of encouragement for you to keep on writing more. He's 16 but it's just a simple conversation on the internet, you don't have to be scared of nothing; you're simply having fun.

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10 months ago

I think you're right. I would definitely try keeping the conversation going.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

But I think it's too late, you can't contact him again. I tried the site immediately after reading your post, I realised the system simply matches you with people randomly.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

My gosh, I thought silly places on the Internet like this died with the stone ages. They still exist? Ugh. lol

$ 0.00
10 months ago

There are worst sites than this one. Its crazy how people behaves. Haha.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

I mean, two sentences into the conversation the guy's like "I think I am having feelings for you." lol. No pictures, no interaction. But so soon? Just had me scratching my head.

$ 0.00
10 months ago

Just human nature I guess. Its very liberated in their country.

$ 0.00
10 months ago