Emotions linger for days on end.

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2 years ago

When you hold an eight-centimeter-sized visiting card in your hand, your dearest friend will invite you to the office for a cup of tea. On that day you will understand what life is all about. Career key thing.

That friend has studied together for ten years. In case of examination, the two have also written it in their notebooks. That friend will submit a CV for the silent pressure job. Don't forget to let me know. In today's market there is a shortage of competitors. That or less! That is life. This is the career, the reality.

With whom he has decided to spend the rest of his life. He promised to be by your side until you build a career. He finds out that in the middle of the night he is busy dating another established boy. Trying to stay a little better.

The back bench boy of school life also memorized every page of the BCS book today. But I will say that these BCS, TCS are not for me. Busy with make-up all day, just looking at her own face in the mirror, she is the same girl who is busy looking at the pages of the book today. A good career, trying to be a little better.

At the time he had a headache while checking our Facebook news feed, on the other hand, the boy became unconscious three times a day just reading books. Yet it did not stop. He knows that if I stop, the rest of the competitors will not stop. So don't stop.

Life is worth more than emotions. One day you will understand what happens if you have a career and what happens if you don't. Parents become after e. And other people.

Friends are found when friends go. Boyfriend / girlfriend is available. Once the career is gone, it cannot be regained. If you have a good career, everything happens, everything.

Emotions linger for days on end. One day everything will be all. Just a little faith in yourself and a little effort.

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Career is important, from psychological and material things, but friends and a love partner make us happy!

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2 years ago

You're very good in writing. Back my post also dear.

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2 years ago

Yapp You're right.. Hope.is everything between a friendship

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2 years ago