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Poetic Saturday.

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2 months ago
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There is no Premier League games this weekend but the World Cup is still on-going. I have to admit that I haven't been keeping up, so I just rely on the highlights. One thing I can't pass up is here I am...sharing poems for this weekend. Enjoy them...

To All The Men...

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To every man out there, we recognize your efforts
I've always heard that it's not okay for a man to cry
Every single time our limits situations and people try
We cry in secret and when it's dawn, our tears we quickly dry
We go through the knife just to make ends meet
We do what's necessary just for our family to smile
The cold, the sweat but we do them with joy for the sake of love
Our strength is admirable too just as our heart
We act tough but deep down we care for others on earth
Life didn't come with manual and we managed to live the life
We learn on the job while delivering our best
A special shout out to all the men out there
A day is never enough to appreciate your love and sacrifices
It often goes overlooked and sometimes unattended to
Still, we press, still we push, still we keep doing what we can
To us, it's never about the applause or the recognition
It's the desire to feel responsible and living up to the responsibilities
Our strength, our pride, our ego and our large heart
They all make us who we are and for that, we don't stop
Happy International celebration day to all the men out there
For your sacrifices that often get little attention
For your love that doesn't get spoken of as much as it should
For your desire to be the best and give the best
You are the real MVPs and your efforts will pay off
Keep setting the trail and the pace while being a worthy example to follow

Hard To Understand...

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It's hard to understand life and the baggage it comes with
No one understands the mystery of how death operates
Death comes like a thief at night and sometimes unnoticed too
No one is far from its reach; the young and the old
You sometimes wonder if it's a punishment for a crime
If it is, what's the crime of a little baby that hasn't experienced life?
You will see someone full of life get called up yonder
Disengaged from the life on earth and from loved ones which makes me wonder
It's something no one can full understand so I stopped to ponder
I remember a smart and kind lady I met for just 8 hours
She was full of life, energetic, loved and yet snatched
She eased her way into everyone's heart as evident with how she gets along
I stood afar, watching her and I didn't even say hello
That first time meeting, it was obvious she's bubbly
Her calm aura and beauty is so obvious for everyone to see
She dressed so simple but still delectable too
Before the end of that day, death took her away
How can someone so strong, agile and full of energy go just like that?
Now, she was hit, rendered with no strength
She was searched for in all the length
Until she was found breathless, lifeless and in a pool of her blood
Met her less than a day but the memory stays
She left impression on me in hours than some did in years
I remember you today again as I do yearly
Sleep on, beautiful and kind Mercy...I wish I knew you longer...

Power of Love over Love for Power.

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A lot of people want redemption and couldn't handle the pain
You can see their tears in litres as it's obvious, the stain
You can see the trace as a result of the tears they have shed
Some even came from hungry stomach that hardly gets fed
Most people want a clean slate - a fresh start
For some too, they don't mind getting just a meal a day
They just take it one day at a time without looking too far ahead
They are not bothered about luxuries or clothes, they just want to survive
We have those who intentionally then blind eyes to the suffering of another
While some pray to be rid of poverty a union they want with asunder
Life comes differently for everyone but where is humanity I wonder?
We can't do everything for everyone but we can at least do our bit a little longer
The world is hurting and life isn't getting any easier for most
Realities are dawning and a lot of people are feeling the pressure
A lot of things keep getting harder on a daily basis
If we can and when we can, we should reach out in any way possible
Reach out to the hungry, to the broken and the ailing
I want to believe that is one of the many reasons we are a bit better off
It's not to lord it on anyone but to show humanity in the simplest form
Let someone's smile brighten your day as you display your act of kindness
The world needs more love not power
We need the power of love to override the love for power so we can experience ease a little

Thank you for your time.

My pen doesn't bleed, it speaks. I am love's chemical content in human form and that's why  I advise people to take a dose of "Olawalium" daily. 🙈

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Written by   688
2 months ago
Topics: Poetry, Poem, Life, Blogging, Motivation, ...
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You are really a man of poet. Really men are strong I recommend them, even if we do not appreciate them at times. A lot of people want redemption and couldn't handle the pain

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2 months ago

Thank you so much. I appreciate your kind words. Yes, men deserves to be appreciated. A lot of men are going through a lot and still pushing through due to the responsibilities they have to meet.

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2 months ago

Go go with the World Cup 🥤

$ 0.01
2 months ago

😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣I try to catch up with the highlights. I've only watched just one game. I should make time for more.

$ 0.00
2 months ago

I watched all....

$ 0.00
2 months ago

Wow. Work won't allow me.

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2 months ago