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💜 30 days self love challenge 💜

Day 1 : Write out youre feelings.

Day 2: Post a picture that makes you feel pretty.

Day 3: Wear your favorite outfit.

Day 4: Cook youreself a healthy breakfast.

Day 5: Take a long bath with lavender oil.

Day 6: Watch a movie thats makes you laugh.

Day 7: Put a facemask and paint youre nails. Pamper youre self a little.

Day 8: Stretch,Do some sun salutations in the sunlight.

Day 9: Forgive youreself for a mistake that you mad.

Day 10: Talk yo someone who makes you smile.

Day 11: Bell out youre favorite song as loud as you can.

Day 12: Write down all of youre dreams and aspirations.

Day 13: Pick up a book youve always wanted to read.

Day 14: Organized youre closet strip your bedsheet .

Day 15: Go to bed an hour earlier than normal.

Day 16: Wake up early and watch the sunrise.

Day 17: Try to make a new food.

Day 18: Call up an old friend youre haven't talk to in awhile.

Day 19: Do something that makes you enjoy.

Day 20: Make a conscious effort to be more positive.

Day 21: Stare in the mirror and list 5 things you love about youself.

Day 22: Listen to a new song.

Day 23: Dye youre hair the color you like.

Day 24: Buy yourself a flower and watch them bloom.

Day 25: Realize that you should doing things for youreself not to others.

Day 26: Lied in the sunshine and daydream about life.

Day 27: Fill in a colloring book.

Day 28: Buy youreself a new dress.

Day 29:Bake cookies. Its okey to treat youre self once in awhile.

Day 30: Reflect on what makes you happy.

Love youself first.


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Yes, Love ourself first, so that we can share love to other's.

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