They Don't Believe

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They don't believe because their heart is shut down towards anything positive they see others do. On like like Jesus Christ who tried to make them understand but they couldn't believe Him till His last breath.

The devil can only rule those who will let him and he does it by taking away the Word of God from their heart. The devil had taken away their faith it was no longer on their hearts or minds.

He didn't live according to rules making people scared of change. Only God is a forever unchanging King.

He wasn't rich and yet he could change poverty into plenty. He wasn't educated and yet he could change closed-mindedness into an open-minded being.

I remember the first time someone told me to give up, I never thought I would hear that from that person. I was in my early twenties and I was fighting for an opportunity, I wanted it bad and I was ready to stop at nothing to get it. Month after a month I kept hoping I will be called and be given the opportunity, I kept getting interviews but as soon as the organisers learnt I had been working hard for a while they told me I have not got enough experience. This was demotivating but I was not ready to give up.

I would go to bed thinking about the opportunity and wake up the next morning thinking about the opportunity. My day was mostly filled with thoughts of getting the opportunity. I always had this feeling of peace and joy in my life and this opportunity to was going to be one of them, it just felt like home.

The organisers offered to sponsor my experience which I accepted gladly but even then it did not work out. At some point, things were looking so bleak. I just couldn't understand it because everything else in my life was going great. However, among all these negative experiences, there were also positive ones. I started getting more calls from organisers and they were interested in hiring me.

I read about a cancer victim, who was in and out of the hospital from being five to seven years, she couldn't walk hand in hand with her sister or others when they were playing, and she couldn't jump and run like other people because she had to go for her follow up treatment. Now she was in primary session, when lessons were over, her parents came and took her back home but she had to stay back for more treatments.

Her parents never bought her toys because they felt that would distract her. Her parents warned her never to play with any toy because it will attract other kids to their house and they will know that she was on treatment.

One day a girl who was her best friend gave her a bag of beads to play with, she showed it to her mother, she got angry and destroyed it, she said it's not good for her. Her parents always advised her not to tell anybody that she was on treatment, if anybody asks tell them her dad is sick. When she was in standard six their church held a function where all the children were invited, she wanted to attend it but her parents said no.

One day she saw her friend going to the church party; she invited her to come along which she accepted. While at the party one of the ministers called her name among the other children so that she can get her prayers answered which ends in testimony.

According to Jesus Christ, the people refused to believe that he was sent by God. They refused to believe it because they didn't see it. They saw the miracles but they refused to believe. If they saw it they would have believed it, not because they were not worthy enough but because they are just not ready and they don't know what they are missing.

They don't believe and they are afraid to hope that anything will happen to them. They are afraid of failure, afraid of giving up, and afraid to lose what they have not looked for the next thing. They will say all the time "I am not a joiner", "I have my own time", "I can't because I am doing this" and "If I fail I will become nothing".

They don't believe in miracles because they have never seen them happen with their own eyes even though it's happening to them on daily bases. They have been deceived by the word "normal" by using it as a cover to hide the things that are happening in their body.

The only way to change this perception is to speak life into them, to show them acts of God, to bring them closer to God by praying with them but most importantly by showing them that you believe. By believing and living in faith while they are still on their way up so they can see what you are seeing and then they will believe. If you believe we believe you. It works both ways.

They say life is a choice, they say you can do what you want, and they say that luck favours the brave. But they don't say it this way to drive you to believe in what they don't believe. They don't say it to help you succeed in what they aren't successful in. Because they don't have the not to give you. He was the only one who said it right, He was the only one who meant it right when He said "I am the way and truth and life". He made clear that your heart must be pure and open for anything to happen to you. Your heart must be willing to submit completely to God.

"For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways", says the LORD. "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts." Isaiah 55:8-9

You have been given all the tools you need, but will finish when it's time because you can't finish it on your own. Love your enemy as yourself, pray for those who wrong you, be patient towards all men and forgive others, forgive yourself and never get tired of trying because when you do all these things he will take care of the rest for you.

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"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; "In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths".



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1 year ago


For the god of this world has blindfolded their eyes so they might not receive eternal life. Beautiful writeup.

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1 year ago

God help open their eyes

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