My emotion my fellings.

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It is a new day with a new series titled "my emotion my feelings"

My emotion my feelings.

Season 1 to 3.

Season 1:my emotion my feelings

It was on a Monday morning,After getting up from the bed max was feeling happy just because it was on his birthday date ,after max has taken his bath so he decided to greet is his parents in the living room. Getting there he saw is classmates ,his relative's ,his girlfriend (named lucy) ,and his parents .

Every one shouted , happy birthday !!

Max feel excited seeing his classmates and his relative's and his parents .so his parents and his classmates and his girlfriend sang for him for over 30minutes,And they all danced and sings and ate a lot of food , max parents (mr and mrs bension) decided to celebrate max birthday in a grand new styles.

So many events took place at the birthday party ,so many birthday gifts and birthday presents were given to max.

Max decided to give a birthday speech to everyone saying:

I wish to thank
Everyone who had made my birthday
Ceremony a huge success 🙌
Wishing you a journey success back

Every one who attended the party,went home with so many birthday gifts and Soo many foods and drink's

The day passed with joy and happiness .

The next day :

After the school resumed .so max has already prepared for school,he would have to take one of his dad's car to school . Getting to school he make sure he greeted everyone in the school including the principal's,the teachers,the students and his classmates .As usual ,he meet his girlfriend (named lucy )

So he decided to tell her love quotes as he usually tell her all times

The first time ,
I set my eyes on you ,
I can't imagine the love
We will pass through ,
Thanks for always been there for me.

So his girlfriend lucy reply to his conversation saying , Thanks so much my handsome man, thanks so much max

Max feel excited to hear that word from lucy mouth , thanks so much my handsome man,. So the lesson started in the class room ,

Lucy and max are busy sharing loves quote to themselves,so the day passed by with great feelings of love

The next day:

After max has gotten up from the bed,he noticed that he saw lucy miscalls on his phone ,but he taught he was dreaming ,the calls lasted for over 30minutes, max thought he was dreaming seeing lucy calls.

Getting to school , he greeted everyone including the principal's, the teachers, the students,and his classmates ,as usual he decided to tell lucy love quotes but unexpected lucy stopped him, telling him never to talk to her again or call her for anything , max feel surprised hearing that words ,he tried to explained himself but lucy never listen

Lucy never listen and she walked away from him,with great fear max screamed "no no please lucy" max feel unexcited throughout that day .

Unexpected a new students named "jey" just got enrolled to their class ,jey was a handsome boy , and also a brilliant boy

Max noticed lucy as felt in love with the new student called "jey" . Max decided to fight with the new student called jey ,but he never knew he was one of the propietior son, with boldness and anger max stood up from his seat and he attacked the new student called "jey" he was busy fighting with him ,jey statement remained positive saying leave me alone ,

Every one knows that jey was innocent in the party but to max who did not want to loose his girlfriend , know jey was guilty , unfortunately the teachers arrived at the class room ,they forced max to leave the new student alone called jey , so max went out of the class room but lucy ran faster to him telling him there relationship is over, max tryed to beg lucy but lucy slapped max ,

Everyone shouted "no more love" after the lesson ended everyone his preparing to go home but max his not preparing to go home ,so he went straight to lucy to begged her, because he felt sorry for his self .but lucy did not listen to max and she said "let me be"

Max knew she is in loved with the new student called jey.

To be continued!!!

Thanks so much for viewing everyone,

@niosecash: official rosh

Feel free to comments ❤️❤️❤️

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There is a difference between love and attraction. In this relationship, Lucy was first attracted to Max that's she was with him but later her attraction changed to Jey. I'm waiting for the next part.

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1 year ago

Thanks so much,

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1 year ago

I felt bad about Max, but let's see what will happen next.

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1 year ago

Yes I will like you to continue reading, thanks so much for your reply ❤️

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1 year ago