How to improve your marital status.

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Marriage is the legal union of a man and woman to become husband and wife.marriage is a life contract which Everyone must involved in, marriage is set to be planned in other to enjoy it ,

There are some steps you need to practice in other to enjoy your marital life or improve your marital status,this steps will help you to get closer to marriage partner and also help you to understand your self better ,this steps include:

Love your marriage partner:

This simply means you should love your marriage partner with all your heart,

Choose your marriage partner wisely:

This simply means that you should take or choose the best person that suits you to spend your life with,many people are facing problem because they are unable to choose their marriage partner wisely .

Don't rush into marriage:

A friend of my got married two days ago ,and divorce a day after the wedding,telling me he rushed into marriage. This statement don't rushed into marriage , affect so many relationship , please be careful .

Know more about your marriage partner:

Some people quickly get divorced because they don't know what their marriage partner involved in , please be careful ,know more about your marriage partner,God bless you all.

Treat your marriage partner nicely:

The number one key of improving your marriage status is treating your marriage partner nicely ,this help coupled to enjoy yourself.

Be in unity with your marriage partner:

The only way to express good feelings with your marriage partner is to be in unity, Remember unity is what build a nations ,this as also been the secret of so many couples that enjoyed there marriage .

Identify your role in your marital relationship :

Know your role as a wife or husband so as to avoid argument and malice,

Be committed to your marital relationship:

This will make your marriage relationship strong and powerful , Making yourself committed to your marital relationship will help you get focused.

Respect your partner:

Have time for your marriage partner and show honour to yourself ,this will help you exercise how you will appreciate yourself .

Spend much time with your marriage partner and also let him/her spend time with you:

One of the hardest thing in marital life to balanced is the right amount of time you spend with your marriage partner , spend much time with your marriage partner improve your communicating skills and so on.

Forgive your marriage partner quickly:

In other to avoid divorced forgive yourself quickly , Remember that forgiveness is just as much a gift you give yourself .

Find help from others about your marital life:

Find help from others about your marital life and expressed your problems with counselor's or other people who have long time experience about marriage.

Don't keep secrets from your marriage partner :

To avoid malice stop keeping secrets from your marriage partner ,this will help you improve your marital status.

Build a prayer altar in your marital relationship:

This makes your marriage ,strong and also increase your strengths in your marital home.

Appreciate your marriage partner and also allow he/she to appreciate you:

Giving thanks to yourself will help your marriage status,this includes , greetings yourself, loving yourself,and having time for yourself .

Marriage is a life contract, try not to loose marriage so as not to loose your life ,be careful when you want to follow marriage steps,be wise and seek help in other to have growth in your marital affairs, Avoid distractions , avoid problem,Be grateful to your marriage partner,show love to your selfs.

God will direct you in your marriage affairs,stay safe and remain blessed.

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Marriage is both beautiful and difficult. In other words, two people sharing a common life in the same house. Managing each other in difficulties. I'm 42 years old and I didn't dare. Loneliness isn't bad :)

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1 year ago

Thanks so much

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I think we don't choose our partners ourselves, it is God that choose for us. We can only pray for the right person for us and God is great to give us the best.

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1 year ago

Yes your are right, thanks so much for your reply

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1 year ago

Thanks so much everyone

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