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split up, and introverted person.

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6 months ago

Why did you split up?

Hmm maybe he's getting tired? Maybe he has someone else? Maybe he doesn't really like you? Or maybe he's not really the one for you?

Kung nagtatanong ka bakit kayo nag hiwalay, siguro may ibang taong nakatadhana para sayo. May ibang tao na nakalaan at di lang siya, alam mo..yung breakup nagaganap talaga kapag hindi kayo para sa isa't-isa.

The world Have only once of what they called second chance, so if it loves you he will not let go of you, don't waste it. But if it's okay to lose, even if it's hard and sad, just focus on something else. In That way, when you meet him again and think about it, you don't get hurt. That is love.

Do you know what the inner self is? Because i am When I first heard the word introvert to be ignorant, I had no idea what it was. Do you know how or when you are identified as an introvert?

I heard the word introvert from one of my best friends. 

Since then, almost all of my friends have become this medicine and psychology lines, so I learned a little from them. 

What is INTROVERT? He said that he does not face normal loneliness, embarrassment, housewives, outdoor activities, he gets bored easily (see Google search for more information).

"Please introduce yourself". My friends always said that when they were intrigued. When I was a little interested, I heard a lot and reached out to them, so I don't know what it really was. I found the interviews a little weird. When I was a teenager, my Step brother said it was weird. Because it was interesting to me, it wasn't that my full reaction was meaningful, I was calm and responsive, but it was really rare.

When I was in the teen stage, it was because people barely ran out of our house and I was a bit uncomfortable with that set-up. So every time when the number of people entering and entering the house gradually increases, I just stay in my sister's room until the person runs out. My sister is the only one who usually entertains me because I am not very comfortable with jamming or talking, especially since I am not very friendly with them.

When I went to college my system was something like this, but I talked a little (needed) because I was already talking to other people. When I was in high school, I was not that very shy, I was active in extra-curricular activities, so I could not classify myself as intimate. When I still not graduated from college and worked for my studies, I felt more lonely, I loved music and poem so much, I would only go out once and sometimes. There are many times when I mix myself up with others so that I feel like I am alone. Lol I was a darling and I'm not as weird and alone as you think. It also does not take long. (I will post my love story and simple advice, which can be learned in our next blog post).

Perhaps it is only possible to be introverted when a person is in a less cluttered environment, because it is a familiar, less noisy, still solemn way of life. So when my siblings got married and separated, I was really home alone, because mom and dad were also working. So often I'm really alone. It's a whole different matter when you talk to your peers. They say they don't like introverts. Maybe not all, some, maybe not, maybe because they've been through something that they haven't overcome or that they haven't overcome, so they stay that way. Everyone has an explanation.

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6 months ago
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