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In my opinion, trust is one of the most important tools for a good relationship with a group, company, or any organization. It is difficult to achieve the true goals of a "team" or organization if people do not trust themselves, especially their teammates and colleagues. What exactly is the reason we lose trust in others?

The first reason we think of others is that their honesty diminishes because they don't tell the truth. It's also why we don't want to avoid them and talk to them.

Second, they don’t want to show weakness or “fear”. They feel “excellent” or flawless so sometimes or we don’t really mix with them. Third, they only use us. We think they will only contact us if they just need something and don't really care about us. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use. Don't be a victim of people or people like us. Next time, we will talk about how to be trustworthy in another.

The road you are about to reach the top of the mountain. Every step of the foot can pose many obstacles and dangers. I'm scared because I can trip over narrow slopes or fall underground. Questions also arise as to whether this success should continue to culminate. 

You want to be defeated, but there is a way to remind you that climbing is not the only one. You need to pay homage to him because you have a partner and he has not left you and surrendered to you. 

There was a desperate and reflexive environment. You again heard the music presented by Mother Nature. At the same time, rising from the ashes builds confidence and self-esteem.

You cannot win the war alone, but with the help and guidance of others, you will soon be able to change the outcome of the next opportunity. Remember," you are not alone. "

How will you deal with tomorrow over time? People need to be made aware of the changes that are taking place today, because it is too late when they are on their way to the destination of the new generation. 

What do I mean by saying or writing? Does it make any sense in our daily lives? You, me, us, or someone else are part of the change. With today's people and technology and technology change, what little things can grow?

One is access to information and news to the people. At the moment, people only read newspapers to get information. If you haven't bought it, you can listen to the radio or watch the news on TV. But let's see what happens now.

Before the phone can only be used to send messages and send people away, you can use the phone to retrieve information, and also use the phone to search and read when you search for information. Can do It's easy to use.

And I, as a teenager who uses new technologies at the same time, the process is easier now than it was then because I no longer have to go to the store to buy newspapers. I won't turn on the radio station anymore. I will not wait for the news on TV to find out what happened today and what I need to know.

It can be said that everything is easy because of change, but not everyone in the current generation is easy. Thanks to the new Information Finder tool, since it is easier to use and more can be done, like studying students and finding missing people, you can easily post a lot of information on Facebook that you can get to help and do it can make money, and how to learn without paying and get someone to learn what you want, the internet can give you too. We humans can do what we can, but it hurts to be free that is no longer corrected.

Just as the spread of false information is getting worse these days, it can be said that it is a perpetrator because only the person under it can obtain false information. Often, in such scenes, there are people who mistakenly want to slander themselves.

This often happens to business competitors and enemies of industry players and old friends who are on different paths due to the slander of other acquaintances they want to discuss. Such conversations with the human ear, especially with the ex-boyfriend who broke up with them or because of the slander of others.

Especially when the person in question focuses on the subject matter that is the reason for such diffusion. Since it is said that the systems that are popular with the eyes and everything that is happening will increase and information about them will decrease.

Industry actors or ex-friends who break up because of the slander of their other acquaintances who want to quarrel with them or even ex-boyfriends who break up because of the slander of others, and such a conversation especially if Known in human ears and eyes.

The person in question is focused on what caused the spread of such a system and why it is being talked about, what is happening. I know their knowledge is increasing and decreasing, and that is why other people are trusting others. Because people are naturally intelligent when they think of growing evil and when they gather the information they have gathered and share it with others, they want to inform others like this.

About such matters. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Increase the number of people who want to observe the conversation, because people, especially the Filipinos who are always nicknames, are focusing on a lot of people talking about e, and people are also focusing on such issues. Will make different comments which is the reason for so much flow.

About misinformation because there is no certainty as to whether the information spread to them is true or false.

With the emergence of misinformation, it is difficult for others to get the information they need because it is hidden by misinformation, such as canceling a job elsewhere because of storms or rain in their area and others making fun of it and Does it matter what they say because it is raining on them too.

And when it catches the attention of others, they spread it, and this causes the same misinformation to spread, and as a result, other students don’t even enter, because they may have seen the news in a classroom that doesn’t. Find out if it's true. And maybe even because of the lack of advertising without work, and others thought they weren’t working either because their field wasn’t working.

Information or messages are for everyone and to keep others informed about what is happening around them, others are not hidden or denied. 

But what if the spread of misinformation turns into cancer and continues to spread and ruin someone's life because other organizations do not immediately pay attention to its treatment? Some people are easily persuaded by influential people. Everything you see, hear or read is not accurate.

When there is not enough evidence to prove that what is being said is true, it sometimes seems to be true because it is a traditional idea and belief that others follow when a person If you know how to work on something, you should make sure that you do not disagree. On the one hand if you haven't heard the other side, and shouldn't rely on what you've heard, read and seen in each.

Because not all the right words are realistic, sometimes they will agree to believe what you say, maybe you will have a hard time choosing because you do not know which of them is true. It's like catching a criminal, you shouldn't. If you can investigate everything and you are not happy with any evidence when you already know the truth, you always try to understand if he is really telling the truth. Likewise, when searching for factual information, choose none if you have a lot of meaningful and true choices. The increase in fake news is the number of people spreading it.

Some may not know that this is just fake news, as it is covered in so beautiful words and shows so much evidence that it quickly turns on due to incorrect content of that information. Fake news isn't just popular on the internet and on TV, it's whether the news you receive from someone is lying, the news is different because of different information, or what people get information about.

Every time the sun sinks and the night feels like a whole day, I don't end up without a problem and whenever I get up in the morning I think about planning a uniform, making breakfast, studying, homework, projects, essay is just my problem, but the first thing I find when my eyes are wide awake in my daily routine is my phone Time goes by, but every time I inevitably walk in I am one of those people who read such things as a teenager who never gives up on the news, and the news, and often when I read them, it becomes almost realistic and convinces you of the evidence presented by the problem person, and often when I read this article.

I read people's comments, and what I usually read and I see what they say, that they have points and fights and others make fun of what they are commenting on, maybe we have different perceptions Sometimes it is important to be compatible and conflictive. You already know what to find and how. Real fake and it is also important that you live with what is being talked about because you do not want to be late but not to fall prey to a lot of false information from people who spread disinformation. 

And when I got off the phone, I thought, if the information search system was still the same. Maybe people won't have this problem and maybe I will go to school which I am sure I have accepted. The age I belong to or as a teenager, we can help as much as we can because we can share more information with others. 

We may be young and have nothing to be proud of, but when we are united we can help with the problem we are facing now and get rid of what we tell others. Because not all young people have the same future because we will offer a future for other people and prove that we young people can help eliminate misinformation and even other problems that come our way, and when we If other young people trust us today, we can do anything.

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