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Philippines Literature: Marriage, Honor and Awareness

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Writing tells or communicates the considerations, emotions, encounters, wants and spirits of individuals. What's more, this is additionally the most straightforward portrayal particularly recorded as a hard copy straightforwardly or writing and verse.

The word writing comes from "ache letters" where the prefix "ache" is utilized and the postfix "an". Furthermore, "letter" signifies writing, whose writing comes from the Latin litterana significance letter.

It likewise recounts the account of government, society, and convictions and encounters identified with different sorts of feelings like love, bliss, trouble, trust, disdain, vengeance, nauseates, dread and fear.

For what reason is it important to contemplate Filipino Literature?

  • To become acquainted with Filipino culture, to know our acquired scholarly riches and intrinsic insight of our race.

  • So we can understand that we have an honorable and incredible custom that has filled in as a manual for the impacts of different developments coming from various nations.

  • With the goal that we can know the musings in our writing and practice to address them.

  • To get familiar with our composing abilities and endeavor to improve and create them.

  • As Filipinos who love and care about our own way of life, we should examine our writing. We more than any other individual should esteem ourselves.

    How to examine LITERATURE?

By investigating or investigating various focal points to figure out what work truly passes on. Notwithstanding the profound implications of some of them, it is just fitting that we don't just chomp into the exacting importance in the event that we are not in any event, referencing the more profound significance of them.

Only one model is the utilization of imagery that brings and gives a more profound significance to an article. Aside from these, the importance of one ought not to be boxed. in what is the act of the larger part on the off chance that we don't permit it to be controlled from another point and make importance as long as it is upheld by solid proof assembled by an individual.

The investigation of writing isn't equivalent to other writing, it utilizes metaphorical and significant words to make an essayist's perspective more proper, so the individuals who are knowledgeable in writing or writing give others' various strategies like utilizing various focal points to characterize a writer's suggestions, significant and significant words. It ought to likewise evoke a more profound significance of them. It is actually similar to utilizing images to give a more extensive and more profound significance to an article.


This article is around two individuals who are particularly infatuated yet regardless of how solid your association is, there are still possibilities that it will prompt separation. On the off chance that we comprehend the story well, it is educational or informational, particularly for two individuals who are enamored.

Marriage is a sacrosanct occasion that happens inside the congregation, before the raised area, and our lord is an observer, however, marriage is as yet a job that can be destroyed at last, particularly on the off chance that you don't design everything. Marriage is certifiably not a game that can be fixed when you are exhausted that marriage implies you are prepared to part or separate from your family and coexist with the new lady and make your own family.

For what reason do different relationships end in separate? It very well might be the flaw of the lady or the powerlessness of the man. I took in an exercise in this article or story despite the fact that I am resulting in these present circumstances point however it has stirred my eyes not to nonchalantly go into a relationship or sin that you don't know as far as possible. It resembles beginning a battle with nothing. We should consistently recollect that apology is in every case late.


Honor is a human characteristic that is truly significant and important to maintain it tends to be viewed as abundance particularly by individuals who are deficient throughout everyday life, except why? how ?. Now and again the individuals who are as yet deficient with regards to having to lose their nobility.

I have perused numerous anecdotes about a lady and even a man who sells honor for the wellbeing of her own, there are other people who are compelled by their folks, yet what is truly melancholy is individuals who sell honor for their fantasies and dreams. study.

We can not fault the helpless who brought forth them so there can be numerous approaches to bring in cash, yet for them, as indicated by the most straightforward task to bring in cash, in such a circumstance it brings understanding under the watchful eye of we judge dependent on an individual's negative and positive reasons if for what reason does he do or hate what anon.

We should consistently recall that nobody will sell honor only for desire, they might be in desperate need or not so there are living guardians and youngsters being instructed. This is the story that I love the most in light of the fact that it shows the truth in a country where it is the vocation of poor people. Cash that truly makes individuals tragic is miserable however this is the truth that it is smarter to be pitiful in reality than to be content with lies.


We cry a ton, we cry a ton, however, do we believe that the rights we are battling for are missing, or are we trying too hard ?. As a lady who accepts and represents the correct, I will utilize the correct strategy and not manhandle my kindred man. Here in the Philippines, there are numerous laws that apply that give women's activists the option to proceed with the course of life. Here on the planet, we live in each nation has an option for individuals who live here. With respect to my kindred ladies, let us open our eyes, is it ideal for us to request rights despite the fact that we realize we have rights? Or then again perhaps we are as of now manhandling others in requesting our privileges? Do we need it excessively? Or then again would we say we are trying too hard? we should make us fully aware of seeing the equivalent privileges of ladies and men.

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Topics: Personal, Love, Life, Awareness, Growth, ...
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