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Can you face your problem?

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1 year ago

In this world, we all face trials and tribulations. This is one of the things that make our lives delicious and colorful. From childhood to the present, there are problems for us, the future and the face. Family, child or spouse relationship issues. 

Financial difficulties. Problems with friends, work or study. All this comes to us. Sometimes light, sometimes heavy. Sometimes it seems you can. Sometimes you feel like you want defeat. I've heard one saying before: "Don't worry about the problem. The problem is the problem." 

The first time I heard that I thought I wanted to admit. But I thought, this talk teaches us to be a coward. Looks like we have no message to give and stay out of trouble. The truth is, we cannot avoid the problem. You can't think about it, but you can't deal with it.

I don't want to scare you. The purpose of this post is to give everyone the hope they need in war - UVS The problem. Are you ready? Ready. Set. Fight! In war, it is important that we recognize our opponent. We must study all the details of our competitors so that we know what steps to take to win.

Always remember that there is a solution to every problem. The solution begins with the decisions we make. The decisions we make measure our defeat or victory over the solution we have created. In mathematics, you can know the answer to a mathematical problem based on your teacher's teachings, but you can't answer the problem correctly without applying what you learned from your teacher.

 In our lives, our teachers — our experience — is a good or bad event that influences us and teaches us lessons. When I was in my third year of college, I thought of taking summer classes to catch up with my classmates when I graduated. Since I was a shifter and transfer student from a different school, I was irregular. One of the things I decided to pursue was financial management. As the finals approached, I was in danger. It’s really hard because of the subject and my weakness. (The verdict is yours. I wanted to be happy with him, but when I saw the problem on the test list, all the feces went back and I just annoyed him.

There is a problem with the current ratio. It is the liquidity ratio that measures a company's ability to meet its short-term obligations. The formula here is: Current Ratio = Current Assets divided by current liabilities. But with the problem he gave, missing current assets and current liabilities, the current ratio is already there. I just guessed the answer to the problem, so you're right that my prediction was wrong. I missed so much because it seemed impossible to fix the problem so I tried to ask my teacher how to fix it. 

I was surprised because he used algebraic equations. Then I was surprised and thought it was not what he was teaching. No one was taught how to solve this using algebra. But I also thought that when I was in my first year of this kind of math problem I should know how to apply what I had learned in algebra. Sometimes this is how we deal with issues, as I do with financial management. We all just want to suck.

 Now we don’t have to think carefully. We forget what we learned before, so we can't use it when we need it. Because algebra is over so I forgot it, I didn’t know that this solution could also be used in economic management. It was my fault and so I didn't fix the problem in my review.

The Lord did not promise that our life would be easy. Trials and tribulations await us. But He promises that He will not leave us or leave us, whatever happens. Sometimes we are late to turn to the Lord when we have a problem. Or sometimes, out of temptation, we feel that we doubt and even get angry at God. Let us always think that the Lord is still making decisions on our travels. He himself is the solution.

At a time when you feel like you are losing hope, ask yourself, "When did the Lord leave me?" Think of the opportunity in your life that the Lord has left you, you cannot think of anything, because He is always with us. Sometimes we just think he left us because of what we do ourselves. Our decision was wrong and we didn't ask for your help, and then when the result was bad, we blamed you. Not well. Shame on the Lord. We blame Him for what we are to blame for. Even so, the grace of the Lord is still sufficient.

He is loving and forgiving. He is ready to help you as long as you cry out to Him and are ready to help. Trust me. He will answer you! How old are you? How many problems have you been through? All this you cannot overcome without Jesus. He is with you and protects you from the storms of life.

Those who are fine are already in Manila North Cemetery. Don't complain about the problem, everyone has it, but I didn't say "suicide" is the solution to the problem. It makes me sad to hear someone hanging, jumping into EDSA, or drowning in a bucket to avoid trouble. They are timid. The problem is that those who want to be brave and stable grow. What we bring is different. Let me tell you one of the beautiful stories I read. 

There was a woman who grew up poorly with her father. His mother died and he died at an early age. You rarely eat. I do not have any money. There are no suitable clothes or accommodation. The woman asked her father when she was in the extreme difficulty they were experiencing. "Dad, why are you so poor? No problem? I don't want to do it because I'm fighting anymore."

 Instead of the father answering, she had a supper and went to the stove to cook. His son followed him. Her father took the pot, filled it with water, and placed it on the stove. When the water is boiling. Daddy soaked carrots first, then eggs, and then coffee beans.

When it was all over, they put it on the table and they sat down. Dad took the carrot and gave it to her for a taste, and the woman ate it. Eggs grew and finally coffee beans were put in a glass for women to drink. Then his father said, "What did you see about all three?" The women replied, they are all cooked and delicious. 

However, his father said, "Both were soaked in boiling water, but the results were different. The carrots were hard at first, but suddenly softened when they went into the water. The eggs melted and softened, but they hardened after cooking. Increasingly, coffee beans didn't help at first, but when mixed with water they taste good and make coffee. People have the same problem and behave differently.

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