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The legends of five famous demons

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The following are The legends of five famous demons :

  1. Belial

Belial is a name in Hebrew which means worthless, and canonized as the leader of the son of darkness in the Dead Sea text. If you don't know, the Dead Sea text is an ancient Jewish text discovered in 1947 that is believed to have been written before 400 BC, which mostly refers to Satan. In this text, Belial is described as the Demon King and Dark Lord. This makes him trusted as a Devil himself. He is also known as the master of lies and deception. Many texts describe it as a person who tempts humans with fornication and wealth to achieve their goals. However, in the book of the devil, the name Belial is interpreted as not having a master, and symbolizing independence, independence, and personal achievement.

  1. Surgat

In Latin, Surgat means to rise, and is a manifestation of rebellion and opposition. To be honest, Surgat is a bit of a demon and very weak when compared to the devils on this list. But what frightened him was that he had fought a pope. Written between 1150 and 1227, The Grimoire of Honorious was written by a Pope named the third Noble Pope.

Pope Honorious is obsessed and believes that one day Satan will attack humans, so he prepares the Catholic Church to fight with them. The Venerable Pope began his training by deliberately summoning demons to be driven out in ways that he discovered himself. That proved effective enough to allow him to handle the demon army. He wrote all the demons he called into the book, and described all their strengths and weaknesses. Until finally he dealt with Surgat. Surgat was able to open all the seals of the Noble Pope, making him the last demon the Pope faced in his book. Hmm what happens to the Noble Pope if he is the last devil in the book?

  1. Berith or called Baal-Berith

Berith is a demon that is described as being very powerful. He is known as the king of hell who led 26 battalions of hell troops. Quoted from the book Illustrated Goetia by Aleister Crowley, anyone who spoke with Berith soon realized that he was a big liar. To be able to talk to Berith, the shaman must wear a silver ring facing his face as a sign of respect to Berith. If not, Berith will eat it because of the shaman's disobedience. Berith is also described as a soldier in red who rides a red horse and wears a golden crown. Its main task is to deceive anyone who seeks strength.

In 1612, a church nurse was possessed by Berith. In his expulsion, Berith mentioned all the demons who had this sister and mentioned the name of Saint, which was effective enough to drive her away.

  1. Pazuzu

In the days of Mesopotamia, Pazuzu was told as the Demon King of the Winds. He is a carrier of storms and drought which is depicted in human form with the head of a dog and has eagle claws. In the case of ownership experienced by Roland Doe in the 1973 film Exorcist, Pazuzu is the leader of the devil who has the child.

He is also known as a devil who is very smart and likes to tarnish people with a pure heart. Children are their main prey because of the purity of their hearts. Pazuzu has long been known since the days of Mesopotamia, Sumeria, to Babylon. He is considered a god of savior and protector. But he is a demon that cannot be summoned. Devotees often carve wooden statues to worship and hope that one day they will reveal their real names.

  1. Azazel

You must have heard this name, right? He is the king of all demons. He really likes it when a group of teenagers go around the pentagram to call him. Azazel is often described as a goat that has long horns, claws and tails. In the Dead Sea text, Azazel is mentioned in giant books and is connected in the story of a fallen angel. In it, he is said to teach art men in war, and women about magic. In general, Azazel appears in almost every ownership story that has ever existed.

that's The legends of the five famous demons ! Hopefully add to your information.

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Written by   77
2 years ago
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