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As a developed country, Japan has a high standard of living and the highest life expectancy in the world. The Japanese character who has high enthusiasm in working has a positive effect on the progress of the country in all fields, but in fact there are also various unique phenomena. One of them is Hikikomori.

Hikikomori in Japanese actually intends to pull back or constrain yourself. This is a term for a marvel among adolescents or youthful grown-ups in Japan who pull back and pull back from public activity.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the definition of hikikomori is people who refuse to get out of the house, and alienate themselves from the community by continuing to stay indoors for a period that exceeds six months. Even in Japan there is a Hikikomori who has locked himself in for decades.

The term Hikikomori comes from Japan. But this phenomenon has spread throughout the world. Maybe in our neighborhood there is also a Hikikomori?

In one study, six specific criteria were needed to diagnose someone who had undergone hikikomori. Here are six criteria : Someone who is depressed, feels himself worthless, is useless, feels himself like trash. He lost confidence, he regretted everything that happened to him. As a result he will become very sad with his life, and afraid to meet other people.

Depressed people will confine themselves more often, and also sleep more often than normal people. Bullying victims who have been mentally injured can make a person vulnerable and shy. He considered the outside world to be a dangerous world, so he decided to distance himself from the society. So he decided to remain silent and only move in his room or house.

Trauma and bad experiences can make someone experience mental disorders. He becomes afraid, or maybe disappointed with his life. So he decided to lock himself in the room.

People who have social phobia, he feels very scared and ashamed to appear or mingle in the community. He is afraid to get along and also afraid to socialize for various reasons. So he becomes locked in his room or house. Or maybe he has another phobia, so he doesn't want to get out of his house.

The loss of self-confidence of a person, makes themselves lower. There are those who feel inferior because of lack of success with their friends, there are those who feel inferior because they repeatedly fail to find work. And there are people who feel inferior about their appearance, and so on. The point is that the person feels something is wrong and is lacking from him, so he becomes afraid and embarrassed to get out of his house. In the end, due to the various pressures and burdens he faced, he gave up and decided to become a Hikikomori.

All things considered there are as yet numerous purposes behind somebody to choose to turn into a Hikikomori. Be that as it may, fundamentally, they are individuals who surrender and hopelessness with their lives. They feel pressured in relationships, so they choose to pull back from the outside world, and shut themselves in their homes.

How is Hikikomori's room? Because a Hikikomori locks himself in a room, all the necessities of his life are in that room or his house. If a Hikikomori is a game lover, in his room of course there are plenty of laptops or computers to play games. Another case with comic lovers, in his room there will be piles of comics. Room conditions according to what is needed. Many rooms are in a mess condition, but there are also some that are quite neat.

It was a brief explanation of the Hikikomori phenomenon. If you are a Hikikomori, try getting up to change things. Because the outside world is actually very beautiful. Thank you for reading. Hopefully be a lesson for all.

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Written by   77
2 years ago
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