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A Little Story about the City of Pompeii, City of Passion.

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2 years ago

Have you ever heard of an ancient Roman city called Pompeii?

This city was one of the cities with the most advanced civilizations at that time. What is this city like?

The city of Pompeii was founded in the 6th century BC by the Osci or Oscan people, a community group in central Italy. At that time, the city had been used as a safe harbor by Greek and Venetian sailors. Pompeii's past is brilliantly recorded. It became one of the important cities in Ancient Rome, majestic and luxurious with all its sparkle. The city is an important route for goods arriving by sea and must be sent to Rome or Southern Italy which is located along the nearby Via Appia.

In 62 AD, a devastating earthquake destroyed Pompeii along with many other cities in Campania. In the period between 62 AD and the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, the city was rebuilt, perhaps more majestic in the field of buildings and works of art than before.

The city of Pompeii provides a brief description of Roman city life in the first century. This momentary picture shows that Pompeii was a very crowded city before the volcanic eruption. Evidence provides clues about the details of their daily lives. Many services provided in the city of Pompeii are found, for example: Macellum or bazaar that provides food, Pistrinum which is a wheat mill, Thermopolium which is a type of bar that provides cold and hot drinks, cauporioe or small restaurants, and amphitheater.

Porta Stabia was the business center of this time. Inside there are 10 separate building areas and have 20 shop buildings which mostly sell food and drinks. Maybe you've heard about the lives of the people of Pompeii. And what you hear is true. Long before there was the city of Las Vegas, Pompeii had actually been present as the "Sin City" in the past.

At Pompeii, the entertainment and sex industry is throbbing. A truly delightful sensual story passed down orally from generation to generation. The findings in the ruins of Pompeii show how sex became the breath of the city. Some artifacts from excavations since the 18th century show that Pompeii's artwork often smelled hot. Almost every city wall contains obscene paintings depicting intimate relationships between men and women and same-sex. Even more wild, there is a statue of a god who has sex with a goat!

In addition, there are many brothels in this city. Pompeii has at least 41 commercial brothels scattered throughout the city. Each has a mainstay facility with a variety of different services. The magnificent Pompeii amphitheater is not uncommon to offer nude dance attractions. Ancient Roman society which was generally patriarchal, did not really consider sex as a private space. For Roman men, sexual relations were a form of courage they always craved.

That morning, the people in the city of Pompeii carried out their usual activities. Some traded in the market, the slaves helped the work of their masters, the soldiers carried out their duties, and so on. Nobody realized that it was their last day there. A few days earlier a number of small earthquakes had begun to be ignored by the people of Pompeii because they were accustomed to such small earthquakes.

And on the afternoon of August 24, 79 CE, a deadly volcanic eruption occurred. The explosion destroyed the area, burying Pompeii and other residential areas. The only credible witness account of this event was recorded by Pliny the Younger in two letters to historian Tacitus. From his uncle's house in Misenum, about 35 km from the volcano, Pliny saw an extraordinary phenomenon that occurred above Mt. Vesuvius, large dark clouds shaped like pine trees emerge from the mouth of the mountain. After a while, the clouds immediately descended the mountainside and covered everything around it, including the nearby sea.

About 1,600 years after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, the existence of Pompeii was accidentally discovered. There are human remains that are preserved by ash with all poses. It seems that the incident lasted so briefly that the people in the city of Pompeii did not have time to escape and die along with the ruins of this city. The bodies found found their last activity before the eruption took place. For some of them, expressions of fear are quite clear. Forums or buildings for social purposes, bathing places, several houses / buildings and a number of villas have been saved well. A hotel with an area of ​​1000 square meters was found close to the location of the city. This hotel was then called "Grand Hotel Murecine".

So a little story about the city of Pompeii, hopefully useful.

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Written by   77
2 years ago
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I enjoy reading this history about the city of Pompeii. It seems you have really made a research about the city. I know a little about its story but not in detail like this. In my opinion they were punish by God for the sins committed like the city of Sodom and Gomura in the bible. The calamity still an earthquake with a rain of fire. If I am not mistaken.

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2 years ago