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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Mass Adoption Strategy: 10 Rules To Win! (Part 2: Rules 6 - 10)

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3 months ago

In the first part of this article, we specified the list of the first 5 “Rules to Win” the battle for wider adoption & promotion of Bitcoin Cash. Today we complete the list with our team’s rules from #6 to #10. Hope it will help you in promoting your BCH-related initiatives.

So the first 5 rules were the following:

1. We are at the very beginning of the crypto universe cycle. Everything is possible. Dream big.

2. BTC is not our enemy. It is our ally. It is working for us every single day - what we need is to harvest.

3. Many people are interested in cryptocurrencies because they want to get rich fast. That’s a piece of good news.

4. Educate people around you (and yourself too) about crypto opportunities. Then - educate again.

5. Work with communities. It is easy & effective.

Read here the full article on the rules from 1 to 5  above - with explanations and examples.

And now we are going to rule #6 which is…

6. Go out from (Bitcoin Cash & crypto “maniacs”) bubble.

If you spend a lot of time on BCH Reddit forums (subreddits), it may seem to you that everybody knows how cool Bitcoin Cash is.

Yes, it is… but generally, newbie people do not care about cryptos IN DETAIL at the moment. That’s why BTC is successful now, by the way - “this is something digital, next-generation and price-appreciating”, but many people simply do not see that fees are high, transactions are slow, etc.

So - go out of the bubble! Instead of appealing to facts which the only crypto-addicted people can understand, show your un-BCHed friends & colleagues something simple, clear… and profit-generating.

The best example is Coinbase. Yes, it is a crypto exchange, not a private wallet. But it is one of the biggest & reliable exchanges in the world… PLUS anyone can get around $30 worth of cryptos absolutely for free with no deposit required - just for passing the easy quizzes about newer tokens listed on Coinbase, plus $10 with their first deposit of $100+.

If you are still not in - register here, confirm your identity, pass the quiz, get free coins - enjoy! Motivating, isn’t it? Furthermore, you can use your own Coinbase link to invite your friends - so with their first purchase you both (yes, they and you!) get $10 worth of Bitcoin.

Do this together with your friends. They will get some free cryptos (and you too). Then show them how to change a part of the coins they received to BCH and transfer it into their private wallet. Let newly-owned BCH coins appreciate in value for a week or month.

Take another part, go to the bar, teach them how to pay for coffee & snacks, enjoy the time together.

Take the rest and help them change it for fiat currency.

Using all the opportunities the crypto exchanges, other coins & tokens provide, you can do much more for BCH adoption & promotion than simply ignoring them because somebody inside the bubble told you so.

7. Form your army. Become the hub.

That’s what we can learn & apply in the Web 3.0. environment from the traditional marketing books. The first contact is important, the follow-up is 100 times more!

“Form your army” - it may sound megalomaniac, but in reality, it's much simpler. You can make a Telegram chat or Whatsapp group to help your friends with their crypto needs. Someone is interested to buy more BCH, someone needs to sell, someone wants to know more about new coins or income opportunities - help them through the BCH local chat you admin!

Among others, it can be rewarding for you too. Many prominent crypto services, like Coinbase or Binance, have their own referral programs - so you can earn some coins while providing your friends with interesting and useful information! 

8. Giveaways “with the reason” work better.

If you are thinking about giving away some BCH - consider putting it into context. Simply giving money away can be a waste of time and resources.

How to do it? is the very best example of the proper context: you reward an author for an interesting article.

Do not give BCH away with no idea in this - but be creative in finding good contexts, they are all around us. From rewarding (in BCH of course) a bar owner for good coffee and ambiance to making a small prize in Bitcoin Cash for your local amateur sports tournament - you can give your BCH away to your community smarter.

9. Do not try to be perfect. Simply keep doing.

That’s the idea you probably can read in ANY self-development book (BTW, we are not life coaches and never wanna be :) - but it is amazing how few people actually follow it. We, and you, and anybody who is trying to do something, in any sphere of life, business, art, sports, etc. will make a ton of mistakes, bigger or smaller ones. Is this a reason to stop doing what we want to & believe in? No way!

Do you know what percentage of points played a professional tennis player needs to win to become a winner of a big tennis event - like Wimbledon or US Open? On average, it is 55 to 60 percent, not more! Not ¾ of all points, not even ⅔!!! Great champions like Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal are learned to accept their mistakes as a part of their extremely successful career.

Look at the tattoo which another great tennis champion, Stan Wawrinka, has on his hand. Can I say more & better than Stan?

10. Do not afraid to ask for a bit of advice, connection, or assessment.

There are a lot of people on BCH sites and subreddits who know much more than you on this or that issue of Bitcoin Cash applications, services, etc.

They are a precious source of knowledge and experience - and they mostly will be glad to share their skills & thoughts with you, with only one condition needs to be passed through - they are INTERESTED in what you are doing!

Do not be afraid to contact people inside the BCH community (and outside too!) - and ask for advice or mentorship. Be normal, do not spam, don't be annoying, respect if they do not reply back - but remember that even high-profiled guys from the big BCH fam - like @RogerVer or @MarcDeMesel - are live human beings who are interested to develop the BCH product & ecosystem, just like you!

That’s all for today, guys. Hope that was helpful :-).

We are working hard on our project and will be happy to present it in the coming weeks. In the meantime, do not forget to subscribe to us at

Any tips & rewards are greatly welcomed both as a source of funding for the project and a way to understand better how the BCH ecosystem works.

P.S. Let us use Rule 10 from the article and ask for advice with SLP tokens. If you are good with it - please contact us directly. Many thanks in advance!

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Written by   93
3 months ago
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Elon Musk Says Ross Ulbricht’s Sentence Was Excessive Tesla CEO Elon Musk has argued that Ross Ulbricht, the founder of The Silk Road, faced an excessive sentence for his role in the creation of the online darknet marketplace.

When asked about Free Ross, the campaign to see Ulbricht be let free from prison (via a Presidential pardon or through a successful appeal), Musk replied, “He definitely has issues, but the sentencing seems a bit high.”

He definitely has issues, but the sentencing seems a bit high

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) February 10, 2021

Bitcoin and The Silk Road In 2011, Ulbricht founded The Silk Road, which was primarily designed for letting users buy and sell narcotics online. It was one of the first websites to enable users to make purchases using Bitcoin—although the transparency of the Bitcoin network backfired on its users, leading to a number of arrests.

In 2013, the FBI conducted a successful sting operation, arresting Ulbricht in the San Francisco public library. Two years later, he was convicted on all counts of money laundering, conspiracy to commit computer hacking and conspiracy to traffic narcotics. He was sentenced to double life imprisonment without the option of parole.

Included within the trial were allegations that Ulbricht paid $730,000 to have five people killed. This was based on transcripts that appeared to show “Dread Pirate Roberts”—a moniker that Ulbricht went by—discussing and paying for the hits.

The Free Ross campaign However, the trial was marred by controversy. While the murder-for-hire evidence was introduced at trial, Ulbricht wasn’t actually charged with ordering any murders. A key issue was that the prosecution couldn’t find the people that he supposedly wanted to be killed. A separate indictment that he ordered one killing was later dropped. Ulbricht filed an appeal claiming that these claims (despite lack of charges) may have led to a harsher sentence—but the sentence was upheld.

Lyn Ulbricht is tweeting her son's thoughts from prison as she appeals for a presidential pardon. PHOTO CREDIT: Lyn Ulbricht Another issue was that two of the FBI agents in Ulbricht’s case were later convicted for illegal activity in the case. Secret Service agent Shaun Bridges was convicted of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin in the course of the investigation, while DEA agent Carl Mark Force tried to extort Ulbricht during it. Ulbricht’s mother Lyn, who set up the Free Ross campaign to plead for clemency in his case, has argued that the corrupt agents tainted the investigation.

Petition to free Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht gets 200,000 signatures To date, all of Ulbricht’s appeals have been unsuccessful; the Free Ross campaign has also petitioned for a Presidential pardon, with 394,000 signatories to date. Former President Donald Trump, who handed out a number of pardons in his final days, did not include one for Ulbricht.

Ulbricht continues to write from prison, with a Twitter account sharing his latest thoughts.

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