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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Mass Adoption Strategy: 10 Rules To Win! (Part 1: Rules 1 - 5)

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4 months ago

I & my team are currently working on an ambitious project fully dedicated to Bitcoin Cash promotion & adoption within the local market and far beyond.

While it is too early to publicly announce what we are all involved with our brains & hearts (COMING SOON - do not forget to subscribe to us on, what I want to share is a document we made out as a roadmap for the project.

We developed it mostly for ourselves - as we are way too creative to lose the primary direction sometimes. So while exploring all opportunities for making Bitcoin Cash (more) recognizable and widely-used, we promised each other to compare every idea & initiative with these rules - to see if we are still on track to our ultimate goal: make Bitcoin Cash the biggest and the best peer-to-peer electronic cash system in our region & the world.

So here are our “10 Rules To Win”:

1. We are at the very beginning of the crypto universe cycle. Everything is possible. Dream big.  BTC place at the top of the market is not reserved or guaranteed. Things tend to change - and change fast. If you don't believe us, ask the CEOs of Altavista search engine of MySpace social network.

2. BTC is not our enemy. It is our ally. It is working for us every single day - what we need is to harvest. Whether we like it or not, BTC has won the first marketing battle. For a wider audience, moms and pops, neighbors & colleagues, crypto = BTC with some ETH attached :). To win the whole war, we should be stronger & smarter at the same time. Instead of offering “the real Bitcoin” or “the original Bitcoin”, let`s bring them “THE BETTER Bitcoin”.

3. Many people are interested in cryptocurrencies because they want to get rich fast. That’s a piece of good news. Being heavily underpriced, it is only a matter of time when BCH price explodes - due to fundamental reasons, without any pumping involved. Motivate your friends and colleagues to buy & HODL for some time. The price appreciation will make the rest.

4. Educate people around you (and yourself too) about crypto opportunities. Then - educate again. I have a friend who uses Bitcoin Cash for a couple of years - but never kept more than 10 USD worth in his wallet. He is an owner of a popular bar in my residential area so he often needs some cash very quickly to pay his suppliers for wholesale packs of coffee, drinks, snacks, etc.

His fear regarding keeping bigger amounts in BCH was “if I need my money fast, I should wait several days for the wire transfer to come”. He was also reluctant to order a debit card from any of the crypto exchanges, as he is afraid of scams & high fees.

What I did is - simply showed him how he can access his funds in less than 15 minutes having a free Binance account and his existing Revolut card (or any other mobile banking app which allows to top-up your account by credit card), with no need to order a new card or wait several days for funds to arrive by the bank transfer!

It took 5 minutes for me to share this knowledge with him - in exchange for a cup of coffee. As a result - he implemented his own “smart purchasing (micro)strategy” now based on BCH holding. He keeps approximately half of his purchasing budget in BCH, while the rest is still in cash. So he can opt:

1)  to pay suppliers by using his cash funds;

2) or to use BCH if he believes it is well-priced - and then re-buy it at a lower price, on the pullback.

A couple of days ago he used the second option to fast-withdraw some of his BCH funds to pay for minor repairs in the bar, at around $720 per 1 BCH. Yesterday he bought it back at $590. As a result, he got an additional 20% discount - with little to no effort!

Image source:

Educate and share the information with others. Whether it is a Telegram chat or simple word-of-mouth - it pays off.

5. Work with communities. It is easy & effective. If you ever tried to distribute Bitcoin Cash fliers on the street or to convince a random person to start using BCH, you definitely know: people mostly do not trust strangers (especially if the money in any form involved). To whom they trust are their communities - professional, residential, hobby-based, etc.

Facebook or Whatsapp communities are usually led by highly cooperative enthusiasts. So it is always a good idea to establish a kind of partnership with them, offering something valuable for their audience. A quick example - you can give away some t-shirts with your AND their logo, or make Bitcoin Cash gift vouchers with their group`s name printed on it!

It is always good to speak to an individual - but speaking to thousands can be effective too.

(to be continued… follow & subscribe to us on to stay in touch).

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Written by   93
4 months ago
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You nailed it @OliCrypto, this kind of article is worthy of sharing and saving on my list of articles to improve my understanding of Bitcoin Cash. Looking forward for more articles from your group. Thanks a lot in advance.

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4 months ago

Simple as posting BCH info on social media is already a bigh help for the its awareness. I am actually trying to convince people to patronize the use of BCH.

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4 months ago

good article. people need BCH as much as BCH needs people.

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4 months ago

Thanks! Very simple things, but if it helps somebody to promote their BCH-related projects - you are welcome! Bitcoin Cash (adoption rate) - to the moon :-).

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4 months ago