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Poetry 101: Other poems written in my dark times

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3 months ago

You may already know it, I also write to express what I feel. It is my form of relief and expression. A good way to lighten my heavy chest and calm my overthinking mind.

I already published my collection of poem written in my darkest nights. Poems written in silence, solitude and darkness.

Read it here:

The sun always sets, and then there's darkness. There will be always be a darkness in my life, so do poems to be written.

Light and Foundation

  • I can't see in this vast darkness,

    I dont know where am I heading,

    And what's in there I need to face .

    There is something that is missing,

    My guide in life journey–the light

    But now, it is not in my sight.

  • I'm tired and close to my collapse,

    There is no support on my side,

    I might fall in a day or half.

    No thing to keep me up and guide,

    A tough support–the foundation

    But now, it is not in action.

My parents are far away due to some reasons. This poem is about the what I feel when the light and foundation of home is distant and not around especially when it's dark and you feel no support.

It's written last year, I'm okay now and don't feel something like this again.

A Friend in Noises and Silence

  • The noise is deafening,

    Annoying voices and people loudly talking.

    In a stressful and noisy environment,

    Music is God-sent.

  • The silence is deafening,

    But my mind is the one shouting.

    In hard times and when I'm alone,

    Music is my comfort zone.

  • My form of silence around annoying noises,

    My form of noise in lonely silence.

    When ears are plugged, heart will mend:

    Music can always be a friend.

I wrote this one for music appreciation. I always listen to music to avoid the noise around me and to distract me sometimes from lonely silence. Music helped me a lot and kept me sane.

Defective Green Thumb

  • "What you sow is what you reap, "

    Same line uttered by different lips.

    So it makes me wonder,

    I planted the seedlings and gave care.

    Then, I harvested different or nothing,

    Maybe, my green thumb is not working.

  • I planted numerous efforts,

    Why these are turning to failures?

    The same with my concern and care,

    I gained things I can't bear.

    I grew hard work and determination,

    But these turned to unappreciation.

  • What I wish is what I planted but never received,

    My green thumb is defective.

I wrote this poem because sometimes what we gave is not what we received. What we sow is sometimes not what we reap.

It's sad because sometimes we don't get what we deserve.

Random Short Poems

i just got used to

my favorite black

coffee and my life

and i just got used

to both of their

darkness and bitterness


how can i

move forward?

it's dark, i'm

stuck and tied

and everything

seems so heavy.


i occupy space

and I have mass,

a matter

but never mattered.


These are just my random thoughts I turned into poems. I am not used to write this kind of poems so this was just my practice works.

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Poetry 101 series:

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Written by   78
3 months ago
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Yes you are so on point "Music can always be a friend '' when I'm lonely and no one to talk to I turn on my music and forget about loneliness.

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3 months ago

Yeah me too. I listen to music most of the time because i feel lonely

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3 months ago


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3 months ago