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Poetry 101: My poems during my darkest hours

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4 months ago

Just like what I said in my introductory post (read that to know more about me), I write to express my self. I write particularly poems for relief, express what's makes my chest heavy , slow down my overthinking mind,and fill the emptiness in my heart. I do this rather than talking about I feel and think to my friends and family. Writing is a big help to my mental health especially in the start of pandemic.

Here are some of poems written last year. Written during the night, in the dark.

Darkness, Take my Hand

You are always there by my side,

Even in my empty heart and busy mind.

In the morning, you're in my black coffee,

Waking me up as the mug becomes empty.

You're there as my shadow throughout the day,

Though weak and dull, you still protect me as shade.

You're still present in the night–so deep,

As my eyes shut, cried myself to sleep.

Let us escape this tiring world around.

Darkness, take my hand.

I wrote this poem because during that time, I think that darkness is the only one there for me. Also, I love darkness. I'm Nyctophile for a reason. It's one of my favorite personal poems.


Face painted with a smile,

Yet there's a void in his heart.

Feeling so empty.


There are people 'round,

Yet he seems not existing.

Feeling so alone.


What is he doing?

Why those seem to be nothing?

Feeling so worthless .


He's trying his best,

For them, it seems nothing.


On these haikus, of course, I am talking about my self. I wrote these because I feel I am the last words from each haiku. Writing these poems really help me to identify what I need to change in my mindset to grow and understand and know what I really feel and perspective of my self.

Dead Stars

The sky is glittered with twinkling stars

That are lonely from a far.

Their light may takes a million years

Before reaching our planet earth.

So maybe, the stars above our

Already exploded and now dead.

I wrote this one because stars glow bright and dying at the same time, just like most of us. I can relate to stars, they are in the dark and alone (other celestial bodies are still far ,for me), they shine and dying inside. Also,this is inspired by Science–especially Theory of Relativity given the fact that light of some star takes millions of years to see them probably they are now dead even though we still see their light.


The bitterness I consume is eating me:

There's aftertaste of meds in my mouth,

The dark coffee kissed my lips,

Alcohol intoxicated my blood,

And dark chocolate stained by fingers.

They became bitterness in my cold heart.

I wrote this one inspired from "we are what we eat" or consume. I know that these things may be irrelevant to what we feel and our character.

Also this is inspired from lyrics from Daylight of Taylor Swift :

I wanna be defined by the things that I love
Not the things I hate
Not the things that I'm afraid of

But I guess it was interpreted in the poem in a negative way. Anyways, I only drink coffee and that poem is not inspired by my true life.

There are more poems in my diary, some are still unfinished. Hoping to share them with you soon.

These poems are not just written to kill my tike and distract my self from things that bother me. These are my forms of expression when I don't have someone to talk to. These bring relief in my chest and mind. Poetry is not just a literature, it is amy outlet for expression to cope in these hard times.

Read my other poems:

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Written by   78
4 months ago
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