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2 months ago

I love travelling. Travelling, touring , learning makes me so happy. Even if I rarely travel . But , I have one or two memorable experiences not because the place of visit is the most musing but because of memories made.

People tend to make memories when they visit a new environment that's really far from home. This could be around their country or another country.

In Nigeria , there are so many beautiful places to tour in. One of which is the obudu cattle range in cross river ,Ikogosi warm springs in Ekiti state and so on are all in Nigeria. Other historical places too.

Personally,I prefer visiting villages. you know the fresh air ,fresh foods ,elders every beautiful thing about nature. Also,the historical places and things of a place gets my attention you now learning things. I can't also forget places with festivals and unique culture and norms.

In Nigeria, most of the people find joy traveling out of the country for a tour than their country because they want to explore new environment and get more memories.

People learn alot from travels and personally,I like learning about new culture,food, language even if it's just a little of hello, or welcome or how are you. To see the beauty 8n diversity and check out similarities around the world.

Some people travel because they want to relocate for greener pastures, to a better environment. This is very common in Africa most of African countries travel to European countries to get better jobs and opportunities.some may settle their permanently while some will return home after achieving something tangible.

I have another way I travel to a place within a minute.very fast ,easy and precisely where I want to be. Guess what? It's my imagination!lols yeah. I see everything and everyone as if I was there.

Especially when I have never visited a place,I picture myself there visiting places I read about.

There is also the reason to represent ones country,state or local government or school and so many other things that one can represent makes people travel too. Like games , educational competition,sports etc

Travelling also come up when one has a health issue. Some critical health condition could make a person travel for better treatment.

And some people travel for holiday. People make memories from traveling with friends,spouse and family generally.

Although, visiting some countries could be discouraging. The crisis and the discrimination could make a person redraw interest in traveling. Also,the issue of getting visa and the condition could make one loose interest.

Also,the issue of distance discourage people.The cost of traveling make people hold back as it could be very expressive. Just to mention a few setbacks

Nevertheless,with all the traveling setbacks people still travel and make memories.

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Written by   4
2 months ago
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I wish I have the opportunity to travel wherever that I want, I want to explore too. I love travelling too cos it's fun

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2 months ago