What do you think are we perfect or that our lives which make us perfect or satisfied?

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You may complete yourself with the people but you will never conceal your fallibilities. Owning your imperfection is a beauty itself which has its own invincible power.

Whereas, perfection is, if we just accept each other's flaws with vivaciously and having point of hatred or difference.

Perfection is nothing to do with, the thing is how someone could adjust himself/herself with her imperfections. Oh! Why should even adjust? You must carry your imperfections such boldly that you, yourself feel perfect in your own skin. The Almighty hasn't been placed any perfections in anyone. That's us who seek perfection in every corner, in every deets to every dress and lifestyle.

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But if life would be this perfect than why would we have these unrest and disappointments in our lives? Why failures? And why jumping from elite zone to ordinary life?

These all are answers from Him that oh man! Please don't seek Perfection in anyone nor within yoursef because you will never find infallibility in anyone. Things are miserable but the sagacity is only if you follow what the Almighty says otherwise, going against Him also not profitable. Because one day He will derail you back and you will regret on your own futile thoughts. You have to be grateful for what you have been given, may be, you dont have what you seeing in others but you also don't know that who's lacking with what you have been given.

You look around and you get mesmerized by the beauty that human possesses. You look at those divine creations and feel a strange zing in your life. However, behind every beauty there's always something cunningness hidden which is raveled or not disclosed to the world. But the more you go closer and see beneath that layer of beauty you petrified by the reflection of lie, unscrupulous attitude, discourteousness and the gusto of arrogance.

A man can tolerate all the pains of this world, but what they can't bear is the pain of lie, an attitude of disparaging. He won't bear that someone deprecate his existence especially someone who's his friend and a closed one. What would that man have if he has no good companions? That's why, not every beauty is just a beauty, sometimes it's a mere quagmire of destruction of one's entity. The Almighty has given his beauty to everything he made. Be it human beings or anything he has made with this macrocosm. But the point is, in this world of simulation even this beauty does not last. What lasts is the beauty of your character and the unwavered humbleness towards everyone you know or dont.

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Beauty, comfort, safety love and everything comes when you are internally satisfied from your own presence. The day you stop asking for validations, you will feel beautiful inside and out. Your whole self should not depend on their directions. There's so much inside of you to mend that you just left in a process of your outer appearance. There are enough confusions and trivial things going on in your head that you don't pay attention to them. You keep the clutter and digress from one object to different objects. Instead of removing that junk and gunk out of your mind and find your destiny. I know these things are easier said than done but i guess an incessant passion, will power and immense patience will help you to become a serene person who won't rely on someone for no reason.

Life is short and nobody knows whether they would be alive or found death. Be a humble mankind in this unpredictable world. Be generous and most importantly a loving one who appreciates the existence of Others without envy or having any feeling of superiority or inferiority. This a mere conception of man's beauty and mindset. However, those who are generous and accommodating they are successful and also happy in their lives.

✍️ Thanks for reading my article. That's all for today. More articles will come. Stay blessed & stay safe.

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No one is perfect, but the feeling of contentment and happiness that is comparable to perfection comes from contentment and reconciliation with oneself and accepting oneself with its flaws

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