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Everyday life

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7 months ago

 1: If you want happiness

So pray on time

 2: If you want to brighten your face, then recite Tahajjud

 3: Recite the Qur'an if you want peace

 4: If you want health, fast

 5: Ask forgiveness if you want a solution to your problems

6: If you want blessings, then recite Durood

 7: If you want to end the difficulties, then read "Lahool wa Qawwa illa Allah"

 8: Pray if you want to get rid of grief

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Wow... So sweet article dear... We should pray all the time and satisfy our Almighty Allah... 💖 Plz view my article too...

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7 months ago

nice written post.....i am praying every day dear

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7 months ago