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Injured birds

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1 year ago

It's still where I was

You have not sought, my endless time, the shepherd of my will

Approach to provide the food you desire; My long list of likes and dislikes

Like an abandoned flower, like a wounded reed in a reed

Walking lazily.

All your rules, all your prohibitions

I have kept it in my head like the blessing of a great god

Pull the pot from the mosquito net, tie the tie

Staying sleepless like a morning bird without eating!

Well you can say

Which of your wishes have I left unfulfilled? But you,

You didn't look for it;

Oli alley of the mind like my young leaves

Never once wanted to know

Why the seven colors of my rainbow are floating like straw poles

No one draws the infallible currents of the unknown ocean!

Like looking at the full moon in the distant sky

I am also looking for your drink

When will your decaying feelings wake up?

My wishes will go hand in hand with the will of your will

Inside the forest, inside the mind

The birds of wounded will sing songs !!!

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