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Exercises to increase strength, breath, agility and flexibility to achieve physical fitness

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2 years ago
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Everyone needs to know about their body before exercising. This knowledge is even more important in health care needs. If everyone has an idea about the different organs and systems of the body, specific exercises can be chosen and practiced for the improvement of the organs. There are five types of exercise that can be used to build muscle. Only then do we think physical fitness has been acquired. E.g.

1. Speed ​​2. Agility 3. Power 4. Breath 5. Flexibility

1. Speed: Speed ​​means the speed of motion. The faster you can go, the higher your speed. Exercises to increase the strength of the leg muscles are needed to increase speed. E.g.

A. You have to lie on your back and lift the weight on your feet.

B. In the gymnasium, the weight of the iron has to be pushed in and out by the feet.

C. You have to practice running 25 meters, 50 meters repeatedly.

D. Even if you run in the sand for a while, the muscles become strong.

When practiced in this way, the leg muscles become strong and grow. As a result, its speed will increase.

2. Strength: Strength means increasing the strength of the hand by improving the muscles of the hand. Below are some exercises to increase hand strength-

A. Holding dumbbells by hand, lifting and lowering.

B. Lying on your back, lifting and lowering the load.

C. Push up with both hands on the ground. Gently push one foot upwards.

D. Throw medicine balls.

E. Doing different types of hand exercises in multi gym.

If the mentioned exercises are done according to the instructions of the instructor, the strength of the hands and shoulders will increase.

3. Agility: Agility is the speed with which one can work in a small space while keeping the balance of the body.

A. Run fast and stop at the whistle signal.

B. Running 10 meters very fast to reach the spot and go. Thus you have to practice running for a long time.

C. You have to set two minutes for the 20 meter run. The one who has done well knowing how many times he can run during this time will be the winner. This will increase the strength of the legs.

4. Flexibility: To increase the flexibility of the body, you need to do these physical exercises, such as-

A. Standing on a high bench, keep the legs straight, shake the body, place both hands with the ears, and gently tilt the body to the front. The more inclined the body, the more flexible it is.

B. Lie on your back, keep your hands close to your ears, bend your knees and lift your body up and down. This is called arching.

C. Sitting on the floor with both feet straight in front and trying to touch the toes with both hands on the ears.

.5. Breath (Endurance): Breath is required for all sports. However, football, long distance running, marathon, basketball are the most needed sports. Breathing exercises are-

A. Run slowly, but run longer.

B. You have to run up and down, through space or through uneven places.

C. 1 km on the first day, 1.5 km on the next day, 2 km on the next day, thus running the distance

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Written by   45
2 years ago
Topics: Health
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