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Clean hygiene to prevent disease

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2 years ago


Hope everybody is well. I am also well by the grace of God in your prayers.

Today I will talk to you about cleanliness to prevent disease.

The main and first condition of human well-being is cleanliness. It protects against many diseases and germs. If you want to be clean in a very short time, you need a bath. It is possible to clean many germs, dust and dirt from the skin through bath. Wearing clean clothes can also protect the skin from harmful germs. Common but deadly diseases like diarrhea can be prevented only through cleanliness. Similarly, worm problem can be prevented which is one of the causes of health problems in Bangladesh. The key to preventing these problems is to drink clean water and keep it in a clean container. If the drinking water is not pure, it should be boiled. Tube well water can be used for cooking or washing utensils. Sanitary latrines must be used and hands must be washed with soap or ash or soil after using the toilet. Hands must be washed and cleaned with soap before preparing and feeding the baby. Starting from the child, everyone in the family should eat fresh food and cover the food if necessary. If the covered food is kept for more than 6 hours, it should be heated. Baby feeders, water glasses, dishes, spoons should all be washed in boiling or boiling water. Fruits should be washed in clean water before eating and then peeled. Avoid stale rotten food and avoid open food outside. Household dirt, garbage, small baby feces etc. should be cleaned and buried in the ground. Thus, the immunity of children is much less. So by always staying clean and keeping our environment clean we can prevent many diseases, especially water borne diseases. If boiling is not possible, alum should be used.

Many thanks to everyone for reading my article.

Good luck to everyone.

God bless you !!!

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Thank you so much. Dear friend

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2 years ago

Yeah you are right.. We need to stay neat and clean all time. Such a great article dear

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2 years ago