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Attitudes That Make Others Feel Amazed By You

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2 months ago

The attitude of one person can attract the attention of others. Especially the good attitude you have. Makes everyone around him comfortable because he is infected with positive energy. Not infrequently people also feel amazed by a good attitude. It is human nature to like the good and avoid the bad. Here are some of the attitudes that have amazed others.

1. Admit mistakes and apologize

No human being lives without making mistakes. Because no human is perfect in this world, so surely no one is free from mistakes. Moreover, the mistakes made intersect with other people, sometimes solving them is a bit complicated.

Some are able to admit mistakes and some hide from mistakes. Actually, acknowledging the mistakes made is a good deed because they are willing to take responsibility, let alone apologize. Not everyone can do it. This is what makes others amazed with this kind attitude.

2. Dare to reveal and state the truth

Courage is a very important trait to have. Because fear can prevent us from doing many things. Including revealing and stating the truth.

Both require courage to do so. Especially if you can do it yourself. There must be a lot of people who admire you because of your assertiveness.

3. Have a high concern and often help selflessly

People will definitely feel happy if noticed. This attention can be in the form of high concern in the form of being helpful. When someone else is in need and you can be a savior angel for them, you are a wonderful person.

Others will be embarrassed and amazed at the good you do. Especially if you like to put the interests of others first, then your services will continue to be remembered by people who feel helped. This admiration is based on a sense of love for your kindness.

4. Be humble even though you are blessed with many advantages

Abundant gifts should be grateful for its existence. Because not everyone is gifted with the same thing. Like the gift of a lot of sustenance, broad knowledge then you should be grateful.

One way to be grateful for it is not to be arrogant. This gift is given to be used as well as possible, not even to be proud of. Stay humble with everything so that this gift continues to accompany you. When you have this humble attitude, others will admire you.

5. Able to control emotions when angry

When someone is upset, someone usually expresses their frustration in various ways. Some hold back, explode with anger, or avoid the source of the annoyance. Different ways of responding to different impressions that will be generated on a person.

The best way to express anger when you are angry is to be quiet first and avoid the source of your anger. Because by being like that, you will save yourself from anger that can harm yourself. People who can control their anger and are able to put anger in their place will have many people who admire them, thanks to their ability to manage emotions.

Everyone wants to be someone they admire. Then you can apply some of the attitudes above to become a good figure who is admired by many people. Hopefully useful and thanks for reading.

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Written by   6
2 months ago
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