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Flowers are my passion

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3 months ago

As I mentioned before in one of my previous posts,the only thing that relaxes me after hard job Is  taking care of flowers.I have so many flowers in my flat and they are like my children.When I am outside I usually walk through the parks,with colorful flowers and I really enjoy watching their beauty.Sometimes I take photos of beautiful flowers.I took photos in parks or in the near fields.

Violets always take my attention. They are really special flowers. I really like having violets.Violets in general, and buzzard in particular, have a calming effect on the atmosphere of the house. Violets create an aura of peace, bliss. The energy of violet attracts the energy of light and purity from space. It is always easier to breathe near them, and the vibrations stop being chaotic. Violets with white flowers are good for any apartment, especially for those where children live.So violets are great choice for some gift.

Here is a photo of flowers near my building. Lots of colors make everyone's day.

Red flowers represents love for me and when someone wants to give me attention he should buy me some red flowers.

I took a photo of this beautiful flowers few days ago when we visited some outdoor restaurant.

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Written by   26
3 months ago
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I also love flowers and I do plant flowers n my garden.

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3 months ago