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Dark Tower-Part 6

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3 months ago

Unlike most of us, my shield, which I could find for a second or two to raise it above my head, was persistently pressed against me by the arrows that hit me. As my horse reared up to run with all his might, he could no longer resist the poisoned arrows that pierced his body and collapsed.

When I fell to the ground with him, my left leg was stuck under the body of the poor dying animal. I was avoiding the deadly weapons of these savages by keeping myself as close to the body of the fluttering horse as possible and trying to keep my shield above my head.

The roar of the whistling of rippling arrows drowned out the neighing of the horses, the screams of the wounded, and the horns of the savages coming from above. I was lucky that my shield, which had accompanied me in two previous skirmishes, was able to stop the perfectly sharpened stone tip of an arrow that had pierced it within two inches of my cheek, and then I was able to free my leg from under the lifeless body of my horse.

Fifteen people, including Shahset, Brendon and Steve, who had acted faster than me during this relentless attack, were waiting helplessly in a hollow under the tower wall. All of them, except Steve, had their bows ready for my horse, but the arrows falling from above did not allow them to stick their heads out of the hollow, let alone respond to the attack.

After getting straight on my knees drawn to my stomach, I crouched under my shield and started walking towards the alcove. Even though I had lost all hope for a while, I still managed to reach the burrow unharmed, passing slowly between the dead bodies of my horses and my companions.

At that moment, feeling a little safe, I breathed a sigh of relief and looked back at the terrifying scene that made one feel as if one were on the shore of a sea of ​​dead bodies. Under the car, whose harnessed horses were strewn in the middle of the road, lifeless,Duncan had stretched his bow, waiting to face the danger that would soon come.

I gestured for him to come over to us, but he refused, shaking his head. His state of mind gave me the impression that he was having some not-so-clever plans in mind.

At a moment when the arrows raining from above diminished, Brendon suddenly stepped out of the hole and, after sending two arrows up with his bow, quickly jumped back into the hole, and after a few seconds, two savages fell one after the other from above and crashed to the ground just ahead of us.

Then, while Brendon was stretching his bow again, Steve stopped him by holding his shoulder with his hand and told him to give it to him. Without asking why, Brendon handed the bow to Steve's injured hands because, like all of us, he made it clear that sorcerers should be trusted to the end.

Steve reached into the pocket of his robe, took out a short shiny stick, wrapped it tightly with a piece of string and fixed it on the end of an arrow. Just like Brendon did before, Steve came out of the hole and threw the arrow onto the slopes and said, "Protect your heads!" said.

We soon realized why Steve wanted such a thing from us, because after just a few seconds, a rumble above shook the ground.

While the huge rocks that broke off from above with this shaking that tied people's hands and feet were beating the road in front of us, we overcame these difficult times with stones that hit our heads and shoulders, the largest of which did not exceed the size of a fist. A cloud of dust covered the ground, and the filthy corpses of the barrack rained down like hail.

After a while, Shahset was going to be thrown out in a hurry, saying, “The chest…”.

"Don't worry," said Steve, stopping him by the arm, "the divine guardians of the holy chest will never let him be harmed."

Indeed, when the cloud of dust that had surrounded it soon dissipated, the car and the trunk above it had emerged intact. Shahset pointed to Duncan, who was trying to remove the dust that had attacked his lungs by coughing under the car, and called him to where we were.

Duncan, on the other hand, after looking around for a while, ran to us and said, “Horses…”, “All of the horses perished. Now how do we get the chest to the top?”

"Don't worry about this, brother, you've done your duty so far." said Steve, in a voice that puts peace in the heart of man.

A moment later, my soul began to writhe in the grip of a new terror as the battle trumpets of the baraks resounded from above.

to be continued...

Thank you for reading :)

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Written by   2
3 months ago
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