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Time to take a good long look at this!

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1 year ago

This article is not an attack on anybody. If you see it like an attack, you are not understanding what you are reading!

And now for something different!

I have been investing and reading about Bitcoin as Cash since 2012. You could say I’m OG, but when I got into Bitcoin as Cash I thought I was late to the party. I have seen it all. I was watching when the Mt Gox dump started, I was there when the Blockstream Corp. flew to China and stopped the miners from running Classic, I was there when Mike left, I was there when they kicked Gavin out, I was there when SegWit and LN were released, I was banned from r/bitcoin, I was there when…. you get the point. Although this is my first long post, I have been in this community for a long lonnnnngggg time! Oh and I am 100% BCH since SegWit 2X was cancelled. Just so you understand my position.

You need to pick your leaders right. All the time! We had Gavin, Mike. They were kicked out. That was a great loss for us! Now we are trying to do the same with Bitcoin ABC. Calling them and the honest miners *bad actors*.

I am of the opinion that in our case, the BCH case, the Miners and the ABC team have proven a lot of times that they CARE about BCH and have the best intent for BCH.

Bitcoin is compromised of a lot of actors working together for the better good. In this case, Holders, Miners and Devs should work together to make this a reality. For the last couple of days, some people in our community are starting to make it seem like the ABC team and miners are taking over the network. It would seem that while the Devs and Miners can work together, the BCH *community* cannot work with them.

During the famous fork, Miners and the ABC team protected BCH, not holders. Not BU! BU sided with the attackers and created a compatible node software to support them. This all while ABC was getting sued! Bitcoin dot com helped team ABC with the lawsuit from my understanding. Not the BCH *community* and not the Holders!

A couple of days ago, the miners tried to start a dialog with us and the *community* got their pitchforks and went on a hunt. This is NOT how you communicate. This is NOT how you solve our problem!

When we understand that the BCH miners, the ABC team, the BCHD team, the Verde team, the have been * hard carry*ing us, then we can start having a conversation. They have been doing this since BCH inception and they are planning to do this for a long time (If they don't just leave after what just happened). When is the BCH *community* going to stop leeching and start helping?

The miners wanted to create a fund and self-tax themselves the famous 12.5% coinbase. Imagine what this would have done for our ROADMAP:

The miners wanted to do this for the Devs and for the greater good of BCH. It was a 6 month plan that could have worked if people would have communicated. What happened in the last 4 days was a lot of shouting, FUD and we accomplished nothing. No progress! And we can only blame ourselves for this!

Lets analyse the Devs a little. We have the ABC team, BCHD guys ( much love for zquest and Chris), Software Verde team, Flowee and the BU team. I will mostly talk about the ABC team and BU team. I have a lot of respect for the other teams, but currently their node number is not that high. 

I am currently running BCHD and ABC on my servers. I used to run BU (with excessiveblocksize=<1GB ( I think it was in MB, but 1GB nonetheless> and excessiveacceptdepth=<6>) until the famous April 22 incident. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you must be new to the space so I suggest everybody do their own homework.

During the 2018 HashWar the ABC team, Bitcoin dot com team and the miners killed it. They were on top of their game, just like the SAME MINERS WE ARE TALKING ABOUT TODAY were there protecting the chain from an attempted takeover.

I saw that Peter Rizun from BU started writing a lot during the last few days! Where were these writings and blogs when BCH was under attack? Where was BU when the chain was under attack? They were busy coming out with the attackers full node software. 

And now they are saying they will stop miners from spending their own money. Something as extreme as this brings back HashWar thoughts and I don’t like it.

Before you pop a vein, I understand that the governance of BU has allowed this to happen. But their actions speak for themselves. No wonder some of the Devs from BU have left the scene following their BSV node release.

Now, while we argue with forks over a petty 6M$, imagine that our attackers have access to billions of $. We can't even pay our small Dev team a decent wage! How do we the holders and *community* expect this to happen? Nobody is donating anything but we expect to have P2P cash for the whole planet and to get the best Devs to work on our chain! And we must do this yesterday!

As of NOW the *BCH Community* has failed at showing the Miners and the Devs anything but pitchforks (myself included if you’ve read what I just wrote about BU)! Maybe it's time we start showing them some LOVE because after all, they are the ones doing the heavy lifting!

To conclude this long story:

We need to choose some liders that have taken us thru hard times. For the last couple of years the BCH Miners along with the Bitcoin ABC team have been working hard to make BCH a success. How can we actually think that they will take the funds and use them for the wrong projects? We have a roadmap that was defined a long time. It’s not that hard to check if they’re spending the money right or wrong! Look at the roadmap and see If they are working on this or NOT.

After all this time we, the community, see them as the enemy. It’s been 2 and half years since BCH forked off. If we don’t trust or choose our leaders from the same group of people that have got us where we are, that have kept us running all along, maybe BCH is not going to survive. It’s time we packed all our shit together, in a box so that it’s together, all of it together somewhere and take a good long look at it.

Maybe it deserves to die, although that is not something I wish for BCH!

Special thanks to a lot of people, but mainly to the honest miners that tried to fund the Devs in a new and quirky way that could have provided us with a lot of value, Bitcoin dot com, ABC, BCHD, Verde, Flowee, EC team (I use EC daily! it’s F*** awesome!), CashFusion, SLP people and many many more.

PS: For the first time since 2012, I will go take a break from everything BCH related. I will maybe check the price, but I will stay away from the forums, reddit, etc… The infighting that happened here is not something I agree with. Please don’t even respond to this post. It’s just a brain dump and I don’t want to argue. Maybe you learned something, maybe you don’t, maybe you got triggered, maybe you agree with me. Whatever it is, we need a better way for BCH and I think we should have at least listened more openly to what the honest miners and Bitcoin ABC had to say!

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Written by   9
1 year ago
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