Antony Flew - There is a God

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There is only one scientist in history who has been called the "icon of atheism" and the "champion of atheism." It is about Dr. Anthony Flu, professor of philosophy at the world's most famous universities, author of numerous books that challenge religion, the most famous of which is "God and Philosophy" - a book that has had numerous editions. Professor Flu was an idol to all the world's atheists and his debates with religious scholars were a favorite program of atheists around the world. The great rise of atheism in the modern world led to the formation of numerous atheist clubs, and the icon of each of these clubs was Prof. Dr. Anthony Flu. And then something unexpected, shocking happened… In a recent debate with a religious scholar, Dr. Flu presented well-known atheistic arguments, and then the opposite side asked him two questions:

(First question): “Mr. Flu, I hold the Bible in my hands. Where did this book come from? ”

Dr. Flu replied, "It was made in a printing press, of course."

Then the religious scholar objected to him: "There is information in this book, which means that the book was created in the mind of the writer, and not in the printing house. Do you agree?"

Dr. Flu agreed, "Yes, you're right, that book was written in the writer's mind."

And then came a question that Dr. Flu could not answer:

(Second question): "Mr. Flu, since all living organisms have very complex information in them, written in genes, in whose mind did that information originate?"

Dr. Flu's long silence was shocking for his atheist sympathizers, so the conversation turned to another topic, and the mentioned question remained unanswered.

For nine months after the debate, Dr. Flu thought about a question he did not know the answer to. His motto, which he taught students for many years, was: "You should follow the facts no matter where they take you."

And so the facts led the world's most famous atheist to the conclusion he made at a press conference that would cause a real earthquake in a large part of the scientific community. In front of numerous cameras, Dr. Flu stated:

"Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends, I convened this press conference to inform you that I have become religious. Under the pressure of clear and unambiguous scientific facts, I had to accept that God exists. In the latest edition of my book, God and Philosophy, he will write that all my works so far have been surpassed.

The shock was complete. Disbelief did not come down from the faces and lips of the army of world atheists.

When this news resonated in the world media, at the same time, an avalanche of atheist comments started that Dr. Anthony Flu "did not think so", that the media "misreported his statement", etc. Then Dr. Flu appeared before the cameras again and reaffirmed his clear commitment that God exists and that it is a scientific fact that is clear and irrefutable.

But, as we are witnesses that in this world there is that side that aggressively portrays light as darkness, black as white, and sweet bitter, so the aggressive campaign in numerous media continued that Dr. Flu did not declare that he became religious, that “religious fanatics misinterpret ”and that atheism is the only right path in life.

Dr. Flu then sat down and wrote an autobiographical book, "I Confess: There Is a God!" - How the World's Most Orthodox Atheist Changed His Attitude. In that book, he describes his growing up in a religious family, his turn to atheism under the influence of atheistic literature and many years of work as a professor of philosophy at numerous world universities as the most ardent promoter of atheism in the world. And then, a reversal followed under the influence of clear scientific facts

In his book, Dr. Flu, as a masterful philosopher and logician, shows how the world's most famous evolutionist, Dr. Richard Dawkins, completely misinterpreted natural phenomena, and abused his influence as a professor of biology at Oxford University. The book further deals with other issues related to the relationship between science and religion, and science and atheism, and is a real textbook of sound logic and simple scientific reasoning.

As a religious man, Dr. Flu quotes a biblical text and says, "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who make light out of darkness, and darkness out of light, who make bitter from sweet and bitter from sweet."

The development of science has shed new light on the countless wonders of nature that confirm the claim that this world was created and could not have come into being by chance, as the modern theory of evolution claims. Archeology, geology, astronomy and other scientific disciplines have shown that there is a complete harmony between modern scientific discoveries and reports given in the Bible. The Creator not only created this world, but gave man clear instructions for a quality and successful life, written in the Bible.

The fact is that there is no damage that man can cause and that the Creator cannot repair. True religious people, like Dr. Anthony Flu, are aware of this fact and act bravely in defense of what is true and vital. He who created man is able to do it again, even after his death, and for those who are persistent in rebellion and destruction there is no evidence that could move them in a positive direction, as the Creator says: “With these I can and let the dead rise from the grave, but they will not believe. "

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I love texts like this.

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very interesting person with not standard point of view on world

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it shows in which direction we are going

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