What are the children watching while watching tv

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3 years ago

Tomorrow my aunt told me, That day my little five-year-old son came to me and said, ‘Mom, how much work boys do for us all day, but we don’t give them any rewards. We should reward them. ’I stared at the boy in surprise, not understanding anything. He saw my eyes and understood what I did not understand. Then he said again, ‘That ad, you didn’t see, the real male panther? The woman is giving the boy a medal for a very good deed. 'I looked in amazement and saw that my little boy had used his little brain to come up with a good explanation. Since the working boys do a lot of work all day, the girls of the house are putting medals around their necks as a reward, so that they do not get upset. I couldn't help but laugh, but I was more upset than laughing. Our tender-hearted children are growing up watching different kinds of programs in the media, especially on TV.

Adult advertisements, programs may be on certain channels at certain times, if children watch it, the channel has no responsibility, its responsibility to their parents. But in a country like Bangladesh, where all the domestic channels are watched by the family in prime time, if advertisements of birth control products are shown there without a specific time, then it is definitely inappropriate. Not only advertisements, but also dances or songs should not be sung with children that have a commercial sexual flame. We can't arrange a park for our children to play, we can't give them a field to run around, we can't entertain them, but we can leave a scar on their minds why show such alarming advertisements! We allow children to watch TV for entertainment, but if it has a detrimental effect on their minds instead of entertainment, then the responsibility will fall on us. Our electronic media is letting them see this, and they can be affected by it. In the present age of technology, the more we can keep children away from the bad effects of technology, the better and healthier they will grow, the better their development will be.

Normally, advertisements are shown in the gaps of these programs and if any advertisement of adults broadcast in this prime time comes to their notice, we as parents should understand how it can have a detrimental effect on them. Such advertisements for such adults may raise many tender questions in their tender minds, which need not have been. As tender as children are, they are also imitators. So if they want to imitate these adult ads, how can we stop them? Our children are growing up trapped within four walls, they have no open sky, no open field, no opportunity to fly like birds. They exist in the virtual world on TV today. And if this world of theirs is not safe, instructive, pleasurable for them and evil, harmful for them, then we feel that it is possible for everyone to understand what a terrible catastrophe we will be heading towards.

Therefore, if the television authorities, considering the plight of these children, give various advertisements and programs to the adults at specific times, it will be beneficial for all. We can’t give kids anything good, at least keep them away from the bad. Even in Western societies, where attitudes toward human sexuality are very different from ours, there are specific policies on what kind of programs or advertisements can be aired in prime time. And these policies are not just on paper, they are strictly monitored. I think our policy makers also need to pay close attention to this issue. None of us have the right to destroy the simplicity of children's childhood.

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