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It's a love untold story. This time I am leaving Ira alone on this road. Ira is soaked in a feeling of unpreparedness, watching me leave ...

I was shivering in the cold, standing here with a bunch of fresh red roses for Ira in a very foggy morning. This is Krishnacura Lane.

The first private meeting, the first beginning and the formality of first love. It was a strange shiver. I was standing with so many plans!

Ira left her top and put on a red shirt without any winter blanket, piercing the fog like a fairy and standing in front of me. Then the rays of the sun from behind were slowly matching its wings. I could not look at him that day in shame. I forgot everything about what the plan was. Ira was smiling when she saw my condition.


'It's been a fool, there's been a lot of formality.'

He took the rose in one hand and wrapped it around my arm and said,

'Let's walk this path. We became very close while walking. '

What a smooth start we had!


That street is the epitome of our love. The name of this road was Krishnacura Lane. A long straight one kilometer road with lots of black-crowned trees on either side. We used to take this path every day to the end and once we would come to the beginning from the end. This is Ira's favorite way.

The black-crowned trees on both sides bear witness to the fact that this path holds so many memories of our love. I memorized how many trees there are on both sides of this road, how many buildings there are, what color the building is, what has faded and need to be painted again, and so on. Then ...


After a long time, one day Ira suddenly called and said;

- How are you, Robin?

- Who said that?

- Forgot Oma? I am Ira.

- What do you think after all this time?

- See you?

- Where?

- Krishnacura Lane?

- Hmm, okay, when will I come?

- Very early. At the time we first met.

It had been raining heavily since dawn that day. I ran to a tent on one side of Krishnacura Lane and stood in a daze. Ira ran and stood on the other side of the road. I could see vaguely for rain in Iraq. After an hour of continuous rain, the black-crowned trees spread their flowers like red carpets on the road. As I was in the middle of the street, Aslam Ira ran from the opposite side and hugged me and said,

'I'm sorry Robin, please forgive me. Hug me a little harder again. I will never leave you again. Never, Promise ... '


The last time we met in Krishnacura Lane, it was the scorching sun of Chaitra. Sweating and running alone, I grabbed Ira's hand and cried a lot;

- What happened to Ira all of a sudden? What does it mean to avoid me like this? What's wrong with me We haven't seen each other for a long time. You know how much I'm suffering from shortness of breath? You do not know how much I suffer without you? Why are you doing this to me?

I will die without you. Everyone is saying that you are in a relationship with Mamun Sir. Say it's a lie. I don't believe it, Ira.

- Release Robin. One thing I thought about too. In this random life of yours, I am also squandering my life. Life will not continue like this. Come to the reality, we have to come to reality. You have to understand too. And it's not like I'm in a relationship with Mamun Sir. Only he sent the marriage proposal home. Everyone agrees.

- Do you agree?

- I said Robin, how long with emotion? What do you think is the benefit of living in your boundary?

- Profit loss is in Ira business trade. I still have one more year left to study. You have three years left, but why are you in such a hurry? Give me some time, I'll fix it myself.

- Please try to understand Robin. Everyone in the house agrees. Forgive me Went.

Ira was gone. Didn't turn back even once. I stood soaked in an unprepared feeling watching Ira leave.


The relationship with Ira is at my varsity. I used to stay in the vicinity of Ira all the time, taking Divya studies in the sky. A friend suggested that if you are not a little arrogant, the girl will not fall. So I went to creepy forest too. Then one day he bribed his girlfriend and brought Ira's phone number. Then talking, slowly starting to feel better, one day closing my eyes and saying 'I love you' and finally this relationship was born after meeting in private. How fresh my feelings are still.

Ira's behavior changed a bit after our relationship was cut short. Then I noticed a new desire in Ira. Ira was changing. He started making various excuses. Was slowly creating a gap with me. Finally I came to know that Mamun Sir has become a new obstacle in my life. Favorite face of the department. Faculty. I couldn't believe that his eyes would turn to Ira. Mamun Sir knew and knew me well. He knew about Ira and me in the air on campus, but he still wanted to know why.

After hundreds of attempts, I could not return to Iraq ...


One evening I suddenly found Mamun Sir in this Krishnacura Lane, he came to jog. I said the road is blocked;

- Sir, there was a little talk.

- Robin, how are you?

- Sir, I love Iraq very much, very much. Don't know? I know you knew that. Is that so?

Mamun paused and took a deep breath, took a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and said as usual;

- Hmm, calm down. Cigarettes? Don't mind eating. This is not the switch, cold play will come. Let's sit somewhere.

That day I was sitting on the sidewalk next to the lane and smoking a cigarette with Mamun Sir. It is clear that I was not in the normal thinking.

The girl would suddenly leave me like this and I couldn't take it easy.

Sir said;

- Look, Robin, I knew that. Then I realized that Ira would not go with you. His target is a little different and different, which caught my eye. You may think that I want to take her as my own or I have proposed marriage to her. But things are different, he has been giving a positive signal for a long time. I have only socially informed her family, they are all ready and Ira is probably the most ready of them all.

Better yet, forget all that. Don't worry. There is no benefit in thinking.


Hmmm then I forgot everything. Ira also forgot about me. Maybe he fell in love with me in a fantasy. Little by little the days passed, maturity grew, demand changed and took me out of his life. I loved her so much too that she probably started to feel me unworthy of her.

Anyway forgot. However, I am the only one who knows how much I have to fight to bring normalcy to my thoughts. Surviving without Iraq was like dying of suffocation. Last time I met Mamun Sir. The time that day gave me a new birth ...


The news of Ira's marriage came to my ears about a month and a half after her marriage. I mean, it was lost from me. How many times have I searched to meet again. I have been fidgeting all the time. He was cheating on me in such a perfect way.

One day I ran madly to the government college quarters to see him. After standing in the sun for a long time, Ira was suddenly coming to the verandah. How happy and smiling is my Ira!

As soon as I raised my hand, he saw me, closed the door and went inside. Well, what is the sin to see him today? What was my crime, if Ira said once!

In this way, I used to stand under his house all the time. I felt mentally unbalanced. One day I found him under the house. As soon as he saw me running home, I grabbed his hand. She was screaming in fear and calling her husband;

Mamun save me! Save me I held his hand tightly and looked at him and wondered if I was going to kill him. I just held his hand and made him stand. Ira was trembling with fear. Well, am I an inferior animal? Why is Ira so afraid of me today?

Thinking like this, Mamun Sir ran and grabbed me and said;

'You bitch, you have so much courage!' Saying this, he punched me hard in the nose. It was as if an electric line was drawn in my eyes. I fell away. The nose was bleeding profusely. I also kicked a few times that day. I fell to the ground and watched with great difficulty as Ira hid her face in her husband's chest, sobbing and how scared she was. As if he had finally found shelter to live. What a strange sight! ...


One day I hid in Iraq and took him out of the house for five minutes on a moonlit night. It was Ira's birthday. I didn't get him for a moment all day. So I came in the evening to meet him. Somehow I got down and told him to get up immediately. Krishnacura lane on a bicycle. There was a match with a candle and a small cake in his hand.

Somehow I put the cake on the seat of the bicycle, lit a candle and told him to blow it out quickly. This girl looked at me strangely. I said again; Blow the key. Somehow he blew out the candle, hugged me and cried. The cake was spread all over my body. He hugged me tightly that day too and said that all the shelter of happiness is in his chest. If he is wrapped in this chest, he does not care about any fear of the world. I had all his fears in my chest!

Ira hugged me from the back of the bike all the way home.

He himself did not know how high Ira had taken my dream.


Three years later, Ira suddenly called me and asked me to come to this Krishnacura Lane. It was as if I had fallen into a trance.

Ira is still hugging me. Apologies too. The drizzle has started again.

I said to myself that I had forgiven him the day he jumped on someone else's chest for fear of me.

Let's start the relationship again. I don't know if I fall in love with him again and again in a strange illusion. There is a strange Maya in his eyes, a very deep Maya! As soon as I saw it, I drowned.

I did not want to know the reason for the divorce with Mamun Sir today. Didn't want to. He is making various allegations against Mamun Sir. I used to touch him very much. Every day. I can't even imagine that someone is killing so many Maya people.

These days, Ira is saying that she has realized her mistake, that she was in love with the wrong person, and so on. Didn't tell me if he ever loved me.

However, this Krishnacura Lane seemed to come back to life. The two of them are walking this path again. Love again, my dream woven. This time Ira's dreams seem to have been shattered. We will do this after marriage, we will wear that, we will go here and there, what a dream! I just look at him in amazement. Ira told me to walk that day;

- Robin, how are you?

- How are you?

- Hey, quietly tidy.

- Hahaha that's what you complained about.

- No, I just want Robin. I want you to love me like crazy again.

- Actually, maybe that's why I'm a little quiet.

- Well, Robin, do you love me?

- Hmm, of course.

- How do I know?

- Here's how.

- How so?

- Suppose I'm eating rice. You suddenly saw me and said, 'Robin, are you eating rice?' What should I answer then? Even though we are walking hand in hand, if you ask this question, what should I answer now?

- Hahaha that's the example!

- Hmm.

Well how much do you love me Ira?

- I love you so much.

- Like before?

- Yes and more than ever.

Ira is walking with her arms around me. How easy this girl is indifferent. There is no room for a little remorse or a little guilt in his eyes. How easy life is. She loves me as much as before.


Six months later, Ira is very happy today. He called me and said that everyone in the family agreed to marry him. When a girl gets a chance to marry the person she loves for the first time in her life, or the feeling of first marriage, she is just as happy and excited now. I'm always surprised.

Tomorrow we will meet in Krishnacura Lane in the morning. There will be a final discussion about marriage. Ira has made it a condition that I hold her hand tightly tomorrow. Never leave. I also promised not to give up.


Early morning. It's too cold. Fog all around. Even today Ira came after red sari. He is happiest today. Going to get me for life. I should be happy too.

But surprisingly, I can't be happy with hundreds of attempts. Not at all. I swear today, wearing this red sari, Tuktuke Irata looks like the ugliness of the world. I have never seen this Krishnacura Lane feel so dead before. The rays of the sun rising slowly through the fog seem to catch the eye today. Ira is walking with her finger on my finger, I asked;

- Well, everyone at home agrees?

- Hmmm, everyone.

- Your father couldn't see me. He shouted that he would turn me red when he saw me in front of him, you were the one who said that.

- Hahaha aha listen, you didn't do anything before.

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