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Wait, Sadiq. I have a talk with you.

I looked back once. Nira is standing with a rough look. I turned around and started walking again. As soon as I came out through the gate of the varsity, I heard Neera screaming.

- Sadiq! Wait?

He said it quite loudly. I was a little annoyed. How everyone around is looking. An uncomfortable environment was created. My mood also went up a bit. Yet I restrained myself. Looking back, I saw Nira standing in the same place as before. Not at all. I know he's not going to be this way or that. I have to go to him As much as he is more stubborn than stubborn. Arrogant. Pride in his anger. And the biggest thing is that his ego is more. So much so that it is unimaginable I walked slowly in front of him. He was looking at me sharply then. As if to eat the whole I did not raise an eyebrow I went to him and said,

- Let's go and sit on the field.

Nira said in a very strong voice,

- No. I'll stay here. I will stand here and talk to you.

- It's sunny here. The sun is unbearable for you

- Even if you don't think about it.

- All right. Varsity has given leave only 7 Let everyone. Then we'll talk slowly. How?

- Oops! I'll talk to you now. I can't stand this for another moment I don't have time to think about who saw what and what they said.

- I know him. Tell me, what do you want to know?

- Why are you avoiding me? Why don't you talk to me? It's been two days since we talked Only at varsity if seen. You don't even talk Avoid it What are these? Is this your love? Is this his sample? Before proposing, you said very much, do this, do that, now what happened to all that? Have you forgotten everything?

I just smiled. I said quietly,

- What did you say I didn't do? Didn't I do what I said?

Nira was a little shocked. I did not think what to say I said again,

- You really wanted to get wet in the rain. Call me and ask me to come to your house. It was half past eight at night. Am I not here? Didn't you walk down the street with your hands on the pitch? Do you want to walk barefoot? Didn't we walk? Have you ever wondered where I got off tonight? Do you think so? On the contrary, you have called me in the hope of being late. Luckily the rain stopped and came again. I thought our breakup would be over that day. And you say I did nothing?

The arrogant expression on Neera's face kept slipping away. Hiding the roughness, his real beautiful face started coming out I said again,

- You want to see me at midnight You can't sleep Didn't I wake up and come to see you? You want to eat ice cream. Didn't I bring ice cream? And you say I did nothing? Seriously?

Nira stared at me stunned. He couldn't believe it, I could talk like that I said,

- You wanted to walk with me in the morning mist. Didn't I buy an anklet for you that day? Didn't the two of them walk on the dew-drenched grass? Who wanted this? Why did I do this? And aren't you saying I didn't do anything for you?

Nira looked at me with a simple look. I kept saying,

- I wanted to get on your boat. He will be sitting holding my hand dipping his feet in the clear water Aren't you staying? Who took you there? Not me? I wanted to see your blue lotus flower. Didn't I take you to my village home and show you? If you want to see the big red lotus flower. I did not show that? Didn't I introduce you to a firefly in that village? Have you not seen a swarm of fireflies flying over the clear water of the pond? Who showed all this? Who? Am I not? And what are you saying? You say I did nothing for you Wow! Fine!

Nira's face looked quite dirty. The eyes are weeping. I didn't put it on. I said,

- Who would walk around with an umbrella over your head to walk in the heat? Who? Isn't he this kamalata? When it comes to shopping, there are so many bags, who carries them? Am I not that servant? What have I not done? If you want to enjoy the moon, stay with me I did that too. If you want to go around. I took it. And you say I did nothing for you? Nothing? Ok fine. I did nothing What have you done for me What have you done? This is the day, when you see Mihin in a rickshaw. What to do that day! Shit! What was the need to slap Mitu girl? Why do you sync so badly? I do not respect the value? Mihin does not! Didn't you bother to behave so badly in front of so many people at the varsity gate? This is what you had to do?

What is your anger for being late to meet one day! Someday I have to leave. Hey, come to meet you with so much jam, at least to think about me and wait a little, or to talk a little less. Did you do that Do you know how hard it is to hope to meet the jam? Sweating is to become monotonous. Hey, you will understand the suffering! Come in the father's luxury car. Come to AC. You don't have to worry. So what happens if you wait a little? I did not wait? Didn't you sit down and wait for the day you were late? Didn't say? Will he be able to go back?

Nira's face turned black It is as if it will start raining right now I said,

- I didn't let you cry. And you? I cried all the time. Have you ever wondered how your behavior would affect me? Don't I feel bad? Nira, I am also a human being. I also have a mind. Doesn't it hurt me?

A drop of water fell from Nira's eyes. I did not apply it again I said,

- What do you think? Where did I get the courage to talk to you so loudly? How did you get so much courage? Nira, don't you think you are doing me wrong? Don't think so? I liked seeing you for the first time. I liked you too. Nira, who said before proposed? Me? Or you After all, I fell in love with you I have accompanied you in every critical moment. I thought, loving you will fix your ego and arrogance I will try to normalize you. Didn't I try that? What is the result? Zero! You haven't changed. You said very much that change will happen What has changed? What did that old man's rickshaw look like with your car that day? You insulted him by going. The man can be poor Doesn't he have a mind? No self-esteem? Do you have all the self-esteem in the world? Nira, I can't take it anymore I can't stand all this anymore. I can carry it So I let you go. Do as you please. 7 by marrying someone like yourself That would be good. What else were you saying! We haven't spoken in two days. Well, it didn't happen either But did you try to communicate? Did you play ball? I stopped here Nira 7 I can't anymore. I lost myself in so many Igor crowds of yours. Classmates say I'm your servant. The big guy got the girl so I hung up. And you? What do you say You say, 'I have a boyfriend who will take care of me. He will do all my work. Even giving. Don't you see, Sadiq does everything for me. Will give in future also I have to give it to him. ' Didn't you say all this? Tell me? Didn't you say? I doubt it! Did you love me at all Or these performances. Take me to work. I'm sorry Miss Nira. I can't anymore All this is not being tolerated anymore. Just leave me Elon. You go your way. I'm going on my way Go by 7

I said the words and wanted to leave. Nira grabbed my hand. Said,

- You misunderstand me. Please don't do that. I can't stand it Completely useless without you. I can't think of anything. Please ...

I took his hand and said,

- If I didn't love Mihin or Ritu more than you, the girl would have sacrificed her life for me.

With that I left. I got out of the varsity gate and got on the rickshaw I also saw Mihin coming out through the gate I called him I said,

- Come here. Let's go together.

He looked at me once He looked at Nira again. I said,

- Don't be afraid. He will not do anything We have a breakup

Nira shouted from behind,

- Mihin, it won't be good. Be careful if you get on the rickshaw. I'll finish you

I got down from the rickshaw and went to Mihin I took her hand and looked at Nira I said,

- You cant change Nira.

Saying this, I grabbed Mihin's hand and pulled him away. We both left in a rickshaw I saw Nira running. He came to the gate and stopped. Only 6 looked at our rickshaw When I was next to Mihin in the rickshaw, my body was shaking I could not stay still Tears welled up in his eyes. I started crying with my hands in my mouth. Mihin did not say anything Just held my hand.


In the evening a call came from an unknown number. I was asleep then. A few times the ring woke me up. As soon as he picked up the phone, an old man's voice came from the side. The man said in a very shocked voice,

- Are you talking about Sadiq?

- Yes. I am Sadiq. Who are you

- I am Nira's father

- Assalamualaikum Uncle. How are you

He said in a little silence,

- Not a very good father It was evening and Nira had not returned home yet. The thought is terrible. He is not even picking up the phone Do you have

I was a little surprised and said,

- No, uncle. No. Don't worry He will return home Your daughter will not go anywhere.

The gentleman said nothing more He hung up the phone I sat still on the bed. There was a little worry. I thought there is no benefit in thinking I don't know anyone named Nira from today No one I don't even need to know what happened to him I got up and had a cup of tea. I brought tea and sat on the verandah. After a few sips, the eyes went down. I saw Nira standing leaning against a tree He is looking at me My eyebrows came up. I pointed out,

- What's here?

He made a profit with his hands. I gestured to pick up the phone. I will call He shouted from below,

- You come down I will talk to you

I fell into discomfort. Wonder what the girl is starting! Now I see that he will eat the respect in front of the house. I was really in a bad mood this time. I left the mug of tea and called my uncle I said that Nira is here with us. I texted the address. Then I went down to Neera As soon as I approached him, I knelt on the ground. He put his hands together and said,

- Please! Pargiv Mr. Sadiq. Please 6

I made him stand. I said,

- In front of the house. Everyone here knows me well. Please don't ruin my dignity here Please!

Nira looked at him. What a simple vision. How innocent! I said,

- You can come and sit at my house if you want. Then insult as much as you want. Please don't be here

Tears welled up in Nira's eyes this time Said in a wet voice,

- Sadiq, I love you. More than my life.

- I know that I have got a lot of love so far

A few drops of water fell on his cheek Said,

- You know. I am like that You also know that I can't live without you Then why are you doing that?

- I have known wrong for so long Wrong. You were never mine

After saying the right thing, I saw that Nira's father had left He got out of the car and ran. I then went back to the house. Nira kept calling me.

- Sadiq, this is Sadiq. Wait. Please wait.

I left there I don't know how her father took Nira. However, I heard in public that I had to force myself I didn't flinch at all. The more you can avoid the girl, the better But it can be avoided either face to face But from the mind? How can I avoid him from my mind. How can I forget? How can I not remember him? Will it be possible at all? I don't know I don't know anything It is not possible for me I tried so hard to forget him. I was busy in sports I became active on Facebook. I started chatting But to no avail. In the subconscious mind, his face floated again and again I can no longer forget him When I sleep, I just move from side to side I can't sleep I remember him again and again. I want to talk to him The mind wants to see. I can't stay. I thought I would hate him. But no form of hatred comes from within Rather the mind wants to love. Really true 6 You can't hate people you want to love. It is not possible. These days I have got a lot of sense. A few days later, one day I set foot on the way to varsity. There was no desire to go. But I could not resist the urge to see him. Went to varsity. Seeing that familiar face in class, my restless soul suddenly calmed down Sucking like a sponge took away all my fatigue, exhaustion. I started to feel pretty I think there has never been so much peace Even so close I stayed away from him. He is doing wrong. He must get a proper punishment. No matter how much I suffer for it, I will bear it At the end of the class, Nira wanted to talk to me. I avoided mangoes. He looked at me with big helpless eyes. My whole body trembled. I have never seen such a look of Neera before The girl is in pain. The ink under his eyes is proof of that. Yet I avoided it. Trouble and 6 Understand how the intensity of suffering is 6 I came out and sat in a noise-free place I can't stop myself I want to cry big. Why I fell in love with this girl. Why? Why not another girl? I can't think The big trouble is inside the chest. The left side is heavy. At that time I saw Nira coming There is a criminal look in my eyes. Come closer and say,

- Please Sadiq!

I get up. Budd has to act in front of him. The performance should be made automatically out of pride What is perfect is 7 I left there Let's walk slowly towards to me.

The End.

Thanks for your patience.

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A wonderful article

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Very interesting story about two characters, Nira and Sadiq. Thanks for your good article!

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