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Surprise and excitement overwhelm him, he doesn't even notice that he has lost his way in panic. At the age of twenty-two, he had never seen such an event in his eyes, nor did he remember it. No way. Such a huge, such a fatal event, with so many people. This does not come to his mind, it is not understandable. Yet it is as if he understands and feels everything, thus his consciousness has been swallowed up by the crowd on the highway and the actions of the police. He seems to have become a crowd himself. He did not get stuck in the crowd, he stood in the corner of the closed shop from where he could easily enter the narrow alley next door when he wanted to get out of here. But whatever it is, you are the one who is tied up. The roar of the crowd, the sound of gunfire, the throbbing in the chest, the blood in the veins becoming turbulent. Fear is suppressed. Not in fear, not in the calculation of saving oneself, this habit of having to move away from the commotion is just a little urging to flee. But he insisted. It does not occur to him that the commotion is so steady and steady that people do not run randomly in clashes with the gunmen. What a mess from which no one escapes! So, he seems to be leaving, but his legs are paralyzed. How can he escape if no one escapes.

Without it, the mind felt his intense dissatisfaction, deep curiosity. Why is such an incident happening, why is the tide of the full moon flowing in the yellow river next to his body stopping? From the sea of ​​one and a half crores of distance, a man-like rush of high water rushing from the sea, it does not stop, nothing can stop him. On many a full moon day, many a night he would quietly leave the house without waking up his parents, standing by the dead river at low tide for the thrilling appearance of the tide of Kotal.

How many crocodiles sleep in the mud of the river at low tide during the day. It looks like an innocent good-natured creature. What is it like to suddenly become like an arrow in a small body of water? Sharks cut the water in a long line and catch prey. What a strange kind of fish jumping into the mud-water. How then becomes depressed. Ganesha's mind. Oh, sad river, how many creatures like sharks, crocodiles, fish, there is no vibration of life, as far as you look to the right and to the left. Life will come to this river, as if the mad Shivathakur himself is coming to dance, cutting the universe and wearing a crown of white foam, in the same way. The tide of life. There is so much joy in Ganesha's soul too, which cannot be measured.

If that accustomed, familiar, terrifying, insane tide of Kotal came roaring in his mind, the tide stopped on the way to the city so long after he left, he sat down on the pavement on the sidewalk. What a motionless roar, what a wave of black hair instead of white foam.

Shot or not? Or a stick?

Osman asks Ganesha in a tone of hesitation, in deep sympathy. The boy is standing leaning in the corner of the shop, the blood coming out from where he is soaking red, the dirty fatwa of his body cannot be understood. If the bullet hits, wherever it hits, how is the boy standing, when the side of the fatwa's chest is drenched in blood? The look in his eyes is strange. It is as if the dead are staring at the living. Kulimjuri probably does. The total is down.

Um? I don't know, baby. Ganesha's voice sounds very angry, they will not go ahead baby?

Baby! Osman's chest was scratched a little. He is wearing this half-shirt with Kalibuli, the color is blue cotton pants, he has no shoes on his feet, he has not shaved for seven days. Yet the boy calls him Babu. Disgusting baby cheeks! Osman's current regret of leaving Trump's work is stirred once again. This regret has intensified after the success of Osman's last strike. Even in Trump's second class, no one ever insulted him as a babu.

But yes, this boy earns a living. Probably Nehat came from the body due to hunger. It has become a habit to call everyone a babu except a beggar and a mute laborer.

They will sit and stand, baby? Don't go?

This time Ganesha's throat is like the throat of a cough patient with mucus stuck in it, and the throat of a tuberculosis patient with blood stuck in it.

What if it doesn't go ahead? Osman said with a soft smile, without a doubt. When everyone did not retreat and run away, just like the engine that did not clear the line, just for the sake of rules and decency, stopping and rushing forward, then why not go ahead! The next time you press the call, it will go ahead.

But whether-Ganesha tried to speak loudly and hugged. He leaned his back against the wall of the shop and knelt down. The back is bent and the head is drooping. He would have taken refuge on the sidewalk if he hadn't found the curved base of the high foundation of the house where a small house leaned against him in the corner of the house.

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