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Trust In God's Timing For You!

One of the reasons why most singles fall into the wrong marriage is because they have neglected God's appointed time for their marital settlement to come into fulfilment before going into marriage. They refused to accept God's time for them and go for their time. Some cannot even differentiate between God's timing and their timing.

Most singles have allowed themselves to be easily swayed away from God's plan and time for their lives. They find it difficult to wait again for God's proper timing, they are tired of "God when group?", and they cannot wait to join the "God has done it group" or "My Amen was not in vain group".

Many have permitted oppression and depression from different angles to weigh them down. Different display of pre-wedding and wedding pictures all over the internet by their friends has also helped in making them quickly walk out of God's timing for them, thinking that the waiting period is taking longer. They cannot wait to also flaunt their wedding rings and show people that God has also done it in their lives and because of this reason, they rushed into marriage before the appointed time for them, and therefore, missed God's proper timing for their lives.

Dear singles, marriage is truly a good thing, It was ordained by God because He has a purpose to bring out of it in each individual's life and He sees that it is a beautiful thing for us to enjoy. For you to have the beautiful experience of what marriage is and for your beautiful dream about it to come into reality, you need to take your time and relax! Do not allow pressures or circumstances to push or rush you out of God's appointed time for you.

The fact that Sis A and Bro B are getting married does not mean that you should also rush into marriage and it doesn't mean that you will not get married too. Marriage is not meant for competition. You might have a specific time and age you have planned to get married but things might not be working out as planned; it does not mean that God has forsaken you. It is just that God's time is different from yours.

When this is happening, the only thing you need to do is to learn to trust God for His appointed time for your life and pray for the time He has for you to quickly come to fulfilment. It is in God's time that you will never have any cause to regret, it is in His appointed time that you can also experience peace in your marriage.

The age might not be on your side anymore, you might have younger ones and friends that are already married and you might think that you are the only one left out, do not be discouraged, do not compare their time with yours, you are not them and they are not you, your time differ, your destinies differ, your purposes differ. God makes things beautiful in their own time. Wait for your time!

Be sure that you want to go into marriage because you are sure that God is already leading you into it, be sure that you are also prepared for it, and ensure that you are not planning for marriage because of the pressure you are receiving from your friends and family, be sure that you also have all it takes as a man and as a woman to go into it.

You need to wait for the actual time that God is leading you into marriage before you go into it. If you rush into marriage before your time, you will rush out the same way. That your friends are getting married does not mean that you should also start planning your marriage immediately. That might be the time for their marital settlement and it might not be yours. Do not work based on another person's time.

Do not compare another person's time with yours, It can make you derail from God's plan and purpose for your life and in your marriage. You will start taking the wrong steps out of God's purpose for your marriage and that is because you are now working based on another person's time.

Trust in God's time for you and patiently wait on it.

Also, make sure that in your period of waiting, you find something to do.

Try to learn, relearn and unlearn the necessary things in preparation for your own time, try to learn different skills, learn how to cope and adapt well to marriage life, work on yourself (especially on your character), learn humility, patience, learn how to communicate well with people, learn how to manage a home, work on your temperament, commit your future and marriage in God's hands.

There is this saying that "PRIOR PREPARATION PREVENTS POOR PERFORMANCE" this means that when you prepare yourself well before the arrival of something or its scheduled time, you will perform excellently in it but when you fail to prepare for it, you will surely perform woefully in it.

Marriage is not a place to rush into, it takes patience but when taking your time to wait for your appointed time, get more understanding about how to live right in it to make a difference by not rushing out of it when you get there.

Those that have rushed into marriage without necessary preparation have rushed out and now wish they also have the opportunity you have now, they wish they would have also prepared more, wait patiently for their time, and learn more about what marriage entails before they got married.

This is an opportunity that you have also received, use it wisely!

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It is important for us to wait for God's timing. He is our creator. His thoughts towards us is that of peace and not of evil. We need to be very careful and prayerful while waiting.

Thanks for giving us this piece. It's nice meeting you here 🤝

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1 year ago