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The Three Magic Words For A Healthy Relationship

Getting yourself into a relationship with someone means that you are mature physically, emotionally, and mentally. If you are not mature in these areas, you will surely find your relationship difficult to handle or manage.

Before you go into any bond you must know these three magic words "Please! Thank You! I Am Sorry!"

It is not only about learning it, you must get yourself ready to utter them at any time when needed, whether it is convenient for you or not.

These words are referred to as MAGIC WORDS because they work more than one's expectation in settling relationship disputes when they are been uttered. (Whether it is a relationship between you and your partner or with other people).

You must learn how to use the word "please" for your partner. It shows that you are not commanding him or her with your words to make your request. This shows how respectful and polite you are to him or her in making your request. This will also ease your partner's mind to listen to you and offer you anything you requested from him or her.

You must know how to say "Thank you" to show your appreciation and how grateful you are to your partner for anything he or she has given you or accomplished for you no matter how minor the aspect is. You using the word "Thank you" will create an impression of how much you appreciate his or her effort in doing something for you just to make you happy and this will also encourage him or her to do more for you.

If a situation is becoming tense between two partners in a relationship, one of the magic words to be used at that time to calm the situation down is "I am sorry". When this is uttered, such an atmosphere will become peaceful again and instead of the argument resulting in a conflict, that magic words will wave the conflict off.

You must learn to say "sorry" even when you are sure of yourself that you are not the one at fault and did not wrong your partner in any way. Not being willing to say that you are sorry when you wrong your partner or even when you did not wrong him or her just to allow peace to reign is an act of pride. Indirectly you are saying that you are too big to say sorry and before you know it, this will lead to a hot argument and a long-time fight between the two of you.

It is when you do not love your partner deeply that those words will become too big for you to say but once there is love, you can do anything for him or her just to make peace reign by using those magic words in your relationship.

Not putting those words into use means that you are inviting war into your relationship. If you are someone who finds them hard to say, you will have to wait till when you are ready to learn those words and find them easy to say before you go into any relationship or marriage.

Trust me, those magic words go a long way in any relationship. To you, those words do not mean anything but to your partner it means a lot. Those magic words help in moving relationships forward and also make them stronger. It is one of the major keys that open doors to a stronger relationship.

It is a pity that many people have ruined their relationship just because of failure to adhere to those important words just because they feel that they are not indebted to their partner by telling him or her sorry. It is not only the person that is wrong that can say sorry.

At times you need to also say sorry even if you are not at fault. This does not turn you into a fool but it is just one of the ways to create peace between you and your spouse. Remember that two wrongs cannot make it right.

If your partner is a person who is always moved by those magic words, you have no choice but to learn how to make use of them just to make him or her happy.

No matter how much you argue with him or her, no matter how you try to prove yourself right just to fulfil all righteousness by making him or her see reason/s in whatsoever you are saying, once you refused to use the proper magic word at that particular time when it is needed most, you cannot make any sense to him or her. It is just a ruin of moment.

These magic words not only calm the mind; it strengthens relationship bonds and helps to increase intimacy.

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I love this! I thought it was going to be just the generic "I love you" but these words you've mentioned above are really very important. I have no problem saying all of them apart from "sorry". But I am trying to day by day.

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