Reasons why you must know each other's languages

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Reasons Why You Must Know Each Other's Love Languages

There is a special way that each person expresses/shows love to their loved ones and also interprets/receives love when it is extended to them. The way you see love being extended to you might be different from the way another person sees it.

Your love language is that special way your partner communicates love to you that makes you feel loved.

You and the person you are in a relationship with must know each other's love languages, the reason for this would be discussed in this write-up.

But before we go to that, let's talk about the five different love languages according to "Gary Chapman".

These are:-

Word Of Affirmation

Quality Time

Act Of Service

Receiving gifts

Physical Touch

Word Of Affirmation:-

This is the expression of love to your partner through words. Those words might be spoken words or written words. Some people are always moved by words. Your partner might be someone that is always moved by complementary or appreciative words like:

"You are beautiful!"

"I love you".

"Thank you!"

"I appreciate your effort".

Some people love hearing their partner professing their love to them, and love it when their partner tells them how much they mean to them and how they respect them. Such people can never be tired of hearing those words. If your partner's love language is a word of affirmation, you can tell through the reactions he or she gives when you express your love to him or her through those words.

Quality Time:-.

If your partner is someone who values attention, loves being around you or wants you around him or her, never feels bored when you are around but always feels happy, always wants undivided attention from you when you visit, enjoys going out with you, and so on. Then, your partner's love language is quality time.

For such people, your time with them does make them feel special, important, and feel loved.

Act Of Service:-

Some people's love language is receiving an act of service from their partner. They do feel loved when their partner offers to help them, especially when they did not ask for it.

Some people also love rendering service to their partner when they know that he or she would need it.

For example:- The service of helping your partner wash the dishes.

To some, offering to do something for them on their behalf can be a way of showing love to them. If your partner's love language is an act of service, you will know this in his or her physical expression.

Receiving Gift:-

Your partner's love language might be to give you a gift, it is a way he or she can demonstrate his or her love for you. Receiving a gift from a partner could also be some people's love language. It shows how caring and affectionate their partner is towards them. This kind of person will always be happy when you offer him or her a gift and might also tell you to get him or her a gift.

Also, forgetting to get a gift for him or her, especially on his or her big day (birthday) can make him or her sad and get mad at you.

Physical Touch:-

Physical touch is another love language of some people. Some people like to hold their partner and love it when their partner holds their hands, hugs them, and rests their head on his or her shoulder.

Sexual intimacy could also be part of this for the married couple.

Now, back to the reasons why you must know each other's love language;

You and your partner must know each other's love languages to know the best way to give/express love to each other in a way you can both understand and receive it.

When you know your partner's love language and let him or her know yours, it will help to reduce relationship problems between you both.

Understanding each other's love languages will help you to know how to handle each other when conflict arises between the two of you; you will both know how to go about it to settle the dispute.

Knowing each other's love languages will promote love and unity in your relationship, and help you to build a strong relationship bond together.

When you know each other's love languages, you will know how to calm each other down when you are both angry or one of you is angry.

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