Patience makes you beautiful

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I’m sure you must have been wondering how patience makes you look beautiful. You want to look beautiful right? Then this I’m about to write is for you.

Stay tuned.

I was a very gentle girl but if you cross my lane I will beat you with my sharp mouth. It’s either I beat you for real (If you are not too big) or I beat you with my mouth (If you are too big, I know my level abeg.

I was an extrovert then, but at the same time, I was gentle (You get the analogy? So many people took my gentleness for granted and that was why it always resulted in beating anyone who takes me for granted.

This kept on going for a long time until one day I realized something.

What was that?

As I grew up, my guilty conscience started fighting me. Anytime I beat someone either with my mouth or hands, I always regret my actions.

This went on for so long but I couldn’t stop it even when I got determined not to insult anybody but anyone who frustrated me will not go scot-free.

So, one day as I was walking down my streets. The Holy ministered to me and said

“What do you gain whenever you fight?”

“I gain nothing but at least I would have done some thorough beating to whosoever frustrate me. I can’t just keep quiet watching everyone taking me for granted especially when they see my calm face. My calm face does not depict I’m a fool now. There are times I tried not to talk but I just don’t know how it happens after all”. I was ranting and fighting under my breath.

“Why not try the method of OPERATION KEEP QUIET?

It will help you”.

I bounced my head in pact with what He told me. But not long after the second day after hearing the OPERATION KEEP QUIET.

Whoa! I can’t tell you the full story of this, it is not something I’m proud to say. I regret my actions till now.

A woman offended me (not too old though but she’s older than me, that’s certain). She cheated on me somehow, I hate cheats (even if I was not the one she cheated with, I will fight for anyone she cheated with).

Kai! I talked on and on. Whenever the woman talked I will talk my own back. I was looking forward to the woman’s beating but alas she did not raise her hands on me. I was determined if she beats me I will keep talking, I won’t stop talking. I talked on and on, and an old woman moved toward me and told me to keep quiet.

I respected the woman and kept quiet then I started crying because I could not mutter any words again. The woman never stopped insulting me and I was also boiling in anger.

I finished what I was doing then I saw the woman outside talking and telling people what I have done. She called me different names but I went on crying because I couldn’t say anything. Then, I met with the woman she was talking to.

A woman saw me and said

“Ah! Is it this girl? Omo dada lomo yii oooo (This girl is a good girl oooo)”. She faced me and asked what happened. I narrated all that happened in tears.

She told me I know you are a good girl but you shouldn’t have explained anything even if she’s a mistake. The purpose of my tears changed from not being able to mutter some words to regretting my actions.

I begged the woman and she said “No problem” and left. I knew the woman was still angry so I was determined I would beg her again whenever I see her around.

“It was difficult, I couldn’t do it. I’m so sorry please forgive me. I am sorry, I should have given you a space in my life but I did things in my way please forgive me”. I wept bitterly.

I saw the woman again, I greeted her and apologized. She smiled and said “No problem”.

I knew she has not forgiven me from heart, I felt it. The next day, I saw her and apologized again. She looked at me and hugged me “My dear, I’ve forgiven you. I’m also sorry”.

I was so happy. But till now I still regret my actions but I’ve learned to always forgive myself.

Some weeks after the incident, it was as if God was giving me another test.

To be continued.

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