Part Two of Patience makes you beautiful

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Some weeks after the incident, it was as if God was giving me another test.

I was going back to school, so I took a cab. As I entered the cab, the cab man insulted me all because I negotiated with him. I agreed with the amount of money he wanted to collect and entered the cab because I was running late. The man never stopped talking.

Kai! I was boiling again and I said “Holy Spirit you see now oooo”.

He said, “Calm down, don’t say anything. Take whatsoever he says off your heart”.

I attempted my nicest but it didn’t work out. I maintained my silence but the man spoiled everything the moment he dragged my family into this matter. I was furious but the woman in the cab said: “O ti to eyin naa (It’s okay now)”.

That calmed me down a little that I had people to defend me but this man did not stop talking oooo.

Ah! It wasn’t easy, the journey seemed so long. Later on, the man did something amazing but I just felt it was normal.

He carried me to the bus stop which I wasn’t expecting. I was glad but another part of me feel like talking. He stopped and I alighted from the cab and I said “Thank you”

“Whaaat! Thank you for what? Why will I utter such a statement knowing full well he hasn’t done anything but insult me and my family”.

I gave him the money and waited for my change but I was surprised when he gave me the exact change of what I have negotiated. The exact amount I wanted to pay was what he gave me. The man smiled and left. I was amazed.

“You have won a soul today. Congratulations!” I attended to it loud and apparent in my fondness.

I was like “Won bawo. I did not even preach at all”.

He excused his efforts and now he is scheduling on swerving a new leaf.

A lot of cars I was supposed to board kept passing by but I was just too happy.

“Is this how it works?”

Yes, you might have confused everything if you had spoken.

I was so delighted.

After the test, I’ve gone through a whole lot of tests but sooner or later I got used to it.

“If that is how to gain a soul then I think the OPERATION KEEP QUIET is the nicest for me”.  I mumbled to myself.

So with all these stories, how does patience makes you beautiful?

Now, let’s go to the imaginary land.

Here we are.

Imagine someone offends you and you had to talk back to the person, will you smile while talking angrily?

Of course, you will not. You will surely frown your face and look like an angry dog.

Imagine you are not saying anything, you’re just looking at the person. Even if you don’t smile,  you will still maintain your beautiful and handsome face. But now add your smile to it, oh my God!

You will look so beautiful and handsome. So why not take the step of being a beautiful lady and a prince charming guy?

Frowns and Fights do not suit you. Patience makes you look beautiful and classy.

From that day, I realized I’ve become more beautiful and classy than ever before.

Patience makes you look beautiful, therefore put on the whole armor of patience.

You all are beautiful. No one is ugly. God made us so how can His creature be ugly? We should proud of ourselves that he made us so beautiful and provided all features and good health.

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