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Now you're a writer is a statement of taking responsibility. It's just like saying now you're married.

I believe you know life would be far different from when you were a single lady or guy because there would be things you ought to stop doing and things you ought to start doing since you're now a married person.

So also, Now you're a writer, there are things we shouldn't see you do. There are mistakes we shouldn't see you make and there are things you should start doing.

You don't need to make certain mistakes, there are other writers ahead of you you should learn from.

You're not getting it right you might say, don't you think there is something you're not doing right?


Do not take Writing as just a hobby

A hobby is what you do when it's convenient for you. What you do in your leisure, in your spare time.

What does it mean to take Writing as a hobby?

It means you're like a switch, you go OFF and ON.

You're not consistent in what you do.

Imagine these two shop owners, Mrs A and Mrs B.

Being a shop owner, Mrs A makes sure she stocks up her shop with varieties of things; which means she has anything any customer wants, except it's out of the market.

She also makes sure she opens her shop as early as five thirty am and closes by eleven thirty pm.

There's no time you would see her shop very unkempt; it's always neat.

The way she interacted with her customers was amazing.

Her customers always love to buy from her, and every minute, her shop gets crowded with people wanting to get something from her shop.

Indeed she was the envy of other shop owners in the neighbourhood.

But Mrs B's case was not near hers, it was different.

Most of the time, many customers leave her shop without getting what they want, and it's so alarming.

She opens by ten am, and closes by two pm.

She allows almost everything in her shop to exhaust before she goes to the market for restocking.

Now, which shop owner would you buy from?

Mrs A, I guess.

Why because she is serious about what she's doing. She takes what she does as being a BUSINESS instead of being a hobby.

For people to take you to be a serious person/writer, you need to be intentional about your presence online. Consistency is key and you must show up always, no matter the situation.

If you want people to listen to you, there are certain things that you should stop doing, which I would mention in the rest of this content.

Do not rush to write books

Many people have asked me why it took me so long to author a book. It's a really good question which I would love to answer in different content, putting it here would take up the whole space.

But before you write a book, count the cost.

Count the cost of Editing and Proofreading

Count the cost of getting an amazing book cover

Count the cost of getting a killer book description

Count the cost of book formatting

Count the cost of book publishing

Count the cost of marketing

If you've not done this, please, do not write that book.

Very important, before you write that book, make sure you have a ready audience for it.

Do not wake up one morning and start writing that book.

What would you be doing differently from now on?

Give your opinion and start your journey.

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