No need for pretence

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9 months ago

No need for pretence

I and dave went on a date to Hilltop eatery one cold Saturday evening. It was indeed the right timing because that day I was so bored and needed to hang out only for him to call me by noon to ask if I'd love to go on a date with him that evening.

Oh gosh! Who wouldn't want to go out with Dave, the most popular, handsome, and wealthy guy in school? "Yes, I don't mind," I hastily replied while jumping on my bed to show how happy I was.

As we got to the eatery, mere looking at the environment would suggest to you that this place is for big men... I got the shock of my life when I entered inside. Outside is nothing to be compared with the beauty I found inside, wow! this would be my nicest twilight eternally.

As we sat down, the waiter immediately came, we requested what we wanted and it was served. Just beside us were seated a set of ladies having fun.

I was done eating and it was time to eat my chicken, but I had a problem, a very serious one which was, I didn't know how to use the cutleries provided for it (knife and fork), I decided to use my hand to better enough myself.

Dave who was struggling with the fork and knife joined me, and what surprised me most was that those ladies beside us were forming posh, and it was obvious they weren't comfortable, so they also joined me in using their hands.

Funny how this is but the point I'm trying to make is that you should be yourself. No matter who you're with, no matter where you find yourself always be who you are and not who you're not.

Being yourself is being who you truly are without any form of pretence. It’s uncomfortable pretending as someone else because it’s not you. All personalities are unique and using another personality is like trying to fly a Boeing but the closest thing you know is to ride a bike.

You can’t pretend for too long. People will always manage a way to find “you” even if your looks and personality are already hundred percent someone else’s.

Being yourself boosts your confidence.

You get to trust yourself and your instinct.

You don't get carried away by people's opinions.

This and many more reasons are why you ought to be You.

I was in my corner, with my hands on my book, I adjusted my glasses to observe what he was trying to do. Surprised and anxious I was, the sight was fascinating to behold.

"How can this work, ridding his bicycle with the bag of water on his head, it's not going to work," I said to myself as I approached him.

This was a little boy that came to buy a bag of water in the area where I leave. Onlookers were passing by, some stood to watch the scene. Even the man that sold the water to him said nothing to him. I wondered the kind of people they were that they could not correct a little boy that was doing wrong.

"My dear, what are you trying to do? Can't you see it's not possible?" I said immediately I got to where he stood probably confused about what to do.

"My dear, go drop the bag of water at home, and come back for your bicycle, don't worry, I'll keep an eye on it," I said as I immediately packed his bicycle to one side.

He nodded in affirmation and walked home.

You might also be like this little boy

I could see you trying to rush the process

You want success so badly that you can't do what it takes because it seems it's taking too long.

Life is in stages

You can't skip the process and not get crushed. Take it one stride at a moment.

There are tons of ups and downs you'd encounter. There are moments on mountains tops and moments in valleys of despair

They are part of life that you should follow through. Success is embedded in the process

So dear, follow the process.

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Yea! Success is indeed embedded in the process. My dear so many people today live a fake life by trying to be who they are not. Pretence is a disease that need to be cure.

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9 months ago

Strongly agreed. Mostly people have two faces they are not like this as they show their selves. Thanks friend for your opinion.

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