My struggle with wishes

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Even though you may wish to grow to become a better person, you can't wish for yourself to grow.

Growth is a personal attempt. And it takes intentional and aware endeavour.

The wishful part will only motivate you to want to grow. But you'll not grow by wanting to grow. Desiring to be like Ronaldo will never make you a Ronaldo, as powerful as desires are.

You only grow by acting on what you want—your desire. And again, it is a personal, deliberate and conscious effort.

It requires going against what you may be used to (your comfort zone) and doing what you haven't been doing.

It requires giving up on some old habits and forming new ones.

Growth will cause a separation between the current you and the old you. It'll cost you your time and relationship with other people.

Growth is painful; yet rewarding. You'll be stretched and stressed in your growth process.

Sometimes, you'll feel like giving up. It's normal because of your humanity. But you'll have to continue, by looking back at WHY you want to grow.

If your WHY isn't powerful and sufficient, you will give up. Or you may decide to have a stronger WHY!

Growth will embarrass you; people will call you names. They will tell you your own is getting too much. They will tell you you were not like this before. But remember, "THEY" will not grow on your behalf. Likewise, THEY  will not fail on your behalf. More importantly, THEY will neither be rich nor poor on your behalf. So grow.

Growth is a personal matter—even if it's an association thing. Nobody will grow on your behalf even amidst the most powerful association. Growth is your choice. It's your cross; therefore GROW.

Growth will cause you to fail many times before you eventually succeed at it. It's the reality of growth because it's not a straight line graph. No, it's a curve that will take you through the unusual, making you do the unusual before you eventually become the unusual.

How can you say you're growing and you're the USUAL person everybody can identify with? (Please, read John 3:8)

SEE: You were not designed to stay with "some" friends forever. Growth will reveal the true ones.

While some will become jealous; others will accept envy as their permanent visitors— just because you're growing.

Some will leave you to grow secretly to compete with you later. But remember, if you pay attention to them, they'll still not grow on your behalf. So, what do you do? Keep on growing amidst the right people, and remain focused.

Also, don't be afraid when you fail while growing. You'll fail at it. At least at a point—because you're learning something new.

You're changing. And failing, to succeed, or succeeding through failures, for growth, is part of the curriculum. Therefore, embrace the failures, learn from them, but GROW; by rising when you fall. Okay?

This is my way of motivating you. I'm sorry for being blunt. It may appear painful, but please, grow. It's your reality. It's your cross. So—grow.


As someone who desires to impact lives, volunteering is one activity that helps me achieve this purpose.

What is Volunteering? Volunteering is a voluntary act where you give your time, energy and resources to something.

I'm intentional about volunteering because it has helped me build myself in different areas.

I get to contribute my quota to society just by volunteering.

Since it is voluntary, you don't expect to be paid. However, there are benefits to volunteering.

Below are some of the explanations you should contemplate volunteering.

1. Experience: You gain experience when you volunteer. No employer wants to employ someone inexperienced. Volunteer experience is an experience that can give you an edge over others.

2. Networking: Volunteering helps you network and meet new people. You can meet your mentors, business partners and even your life partner when you volunteer.

3. You Learn New Skills: You may be given tasks you have never done before. Carrying out those tasks helps you try out new skills. Leadership skills, Communication skills, and Time  Management can be learnt as a volunteer.

4. Impact: As a leader who wants to make a difference, you can't afford to neglect your society and community. Volunteering allows you to make a positive impact on your society. Volunteering provides you with a connotation of objective and belonging.

Now, scream I'll grow in the comment section! That's how I'll know you read it to the end.  God bless you.

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9 months ago


I love this. Growth is not linear, it is a curve, or even an erratic line. There are highs and lows. What matters is you are moving and are not stagnated from where you are at first.

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9 months ago

Exactly. People learn from struggle and hard work. And after, this they definitely get the right path. Thank you dear for liking this.

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9 months ago