Knowledge calls for concentration

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Setting goals daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and getting them done, is never easy.

To live life from day to day can be very easy to deal with, with no skill and less effort. But to live life purposefully each day is never easy, it requires full concentration, strong aim, and determination.

Do you wonder why you find it difficult to live purposefully? It's mainly because you see it as one difficult task. Most times you would rather prefer your everyday normal life than doing what is right and what you aren't used to because you feel it's much easier to deal with.

You seem to have forgotten that, everything in life is a process. You learn things gradually, you become used to them as time goes on, and with time they gradually become a part of you.

Even a growing child doesn't just start walking in a day, they begin with crawling, standing, falling, and taking risky steps.

"Knowledge calls for concentration."

It's your knowledge about little children that call your attention to focus on them. Because there is honestly no way you will find a child of around six to eight months, standing up on his or her feet for the first time without focusing on that child to see if he/she would fall. Why? Because you know the outcome of making such an attempt for the first time.

That's the essence of knowledge calling for your attention to concentrate.

You don't succeed by just reading books and dumping them afterwards. No! You must act on them and as well refresh your brain with new and fresh knowledge.

Every new knowledge birth ideas, it calls for action, and every action calls for concentration.

"Success comes from concentration."

No one climbs a ladder without the aim of going up. Everything in life has a reason behind it, so there must be a reason for you to pick up a book to read.

Your reasons are what help in positioning you for what you want as an output from your input.

Any work without full concentration is always a disaster. But when you know your reasons for doing the things you do and focus on doing them, you end up getting your determined results.


The choice is on you, so pick one for yourself. Whatever you want out of life should be on you, not on your father, mother, or any other person in particular.

My mom once said that she wanted me to be a nurse. But, do you know that she never said a word of this to me, while I was in sec school, and even when I got into uni?

She never did, but why did she inform me of her thought on something that seems to be late already? I guess she was just trying to air her thought.

She didn't inform me earlier, because she wanted the choice to be on me, not on her or based on pressure.

To be sincere, I don't see myself being a nurse, because that's not my dream. Even if my mom had informed me earlier, I still wouldn't buy her thoughts, because that wasn't my dream.

Dreams are what you foresee, and not what you just jump into.

Dreams call preparation, and not unprepared. You can't embark on a journey without being fully prepared.

Knowing what you want beforehand, calls for preparation.

Preparation is everything in life, without it you go nowhere, get nothing, and lose everything.

The moment you take up something you didn't bargain for in life, accept whatever comes alongside, with a good heart, for the outcome is not always a good one.

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