Invest in your relationship

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Invest In Your Relationship!

Investing in a relationship is like investing in a business, the more you invest in the business, the more gain or profit you receive.

There are some investments that you must make in your relationship that will benefit you and your spouse and make your relationship more healthy.

These investments will also maintain your relationship and give it a smooth journey.

Now, let's talk about those investments:

The number one investment you must contribute in your relationship/marriage, is your love and care.

The love and care for each other are what you both need to keep your marriage strong.

It takes two to tangle. In your relationship/marriage, your love must not be one-sided, when it is only one person that is loving and the other person does not reciprocate the love, the only person loving in the relationship will surely burn out one day. When the love is mutual, you will both work on keeping the love for each other alive and always afresh.

Care is another thing you must invest in your relationship. You cannot be in a relationship and you will want to be cared for by your partner while you refuse him or her the same care. No, it is wrong! Your care for your partner is also important, likewise his or her care for you. No one would want to be where he or she won't be cared for.

Help each other to feel loved and cared for in your relationship, it will help your relationship to last long.

The number investment is your time and attention.

Creating time for each other and giving attention to yourselves, is another way to invest in your relationship/marriage. You need time to communicate and grow a bond and intimacy.

Also, one of the ingredients to growing a healthy relationship is attention. To invest it in your relationship, you and your partner both need to give each other your undivided attention. Always make each other a priority. Pay attention to whatever your spouse tells you, his or her needs and wants.

The number three investment you need to invest in the relationship is respect.

You must give honour and respect to your spouse, either through your words or your actions. You must give respect to their views on things, needs, decisions, boundaries, desires, observations, e.t.c. 

The number four investment your relationship/marriage needs are money.

In the same way, you invest money to make more money, you need to invest money into your relationship/marriage to see a more positive result from it. The importance of money in a relationship/marriage cannot be underestimated. Money helps to build, nurture, and strengthen your relationship/marriage.

Don't be stingy about investing money in your relationship/marriage. Try to invest money in anything that will help you to build a healthy relationship.

For example: If you are in courtship, you can invest money to book a counselling section on marriage or a relationship-building course, this will be of help to you in your marriage.

Also, if you are married, you can invest your money into the needs of your home.

For example, as a woman in the house, you can use your resources/income to invest in your marriage by contributing to the children's school fees, getting some things needed in the house, and you can also decide to treat your husband to a great meal. There is nothing wrong with that.

The number five investment you must invest in your relationship is your effort.

For your relationship to be healthy, you and your spouse need to put in your effort to ensure that it last.

Don't get easily tired of the relationship or frustrated with it. Fight for your relationship together by putting in all your effort to make it work!

The more you invest in your relationship, the more sustainability of your relationship.

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