In society there are different calibers of people

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In society, there are different calibres of people.

People that are doing better than you, people that are doing lesser than you and people that are not doing anything at all.

It is very possible to see those that are doing lesser than you and you will feel gingered, but when you see people doing better than you, you might be worried.

When you're looking at those ahead of you, you might begin to wonder what you're doing wrongly and start questioning if your effort is not enough.

The reality is that when you understand your assignment, you won't be intimidated by other people.

Even the people you thought are doing lesser than you might be going their best at their assignments.

Everyone's assignment in life is different and so is our pace different.

Focus on your assignment and don't see yourself as in a competition with anyone.

No matter how much you try, you can't win a competition you're not invited to!

Face your assignment and put in your best.

Celebrate those who are doing well in their assignments this week and don't forget to remind yourself that you're doing well at your assignment and you can always do better.

There are two categories of an individual's life. They are the dependent life and the independent life. The people that are living a dependent life; still depend on others for means of survival. They cannot act unless they are pushed to do things. They cannot make any plans for themselves and neither do they have any plans yet. These people can be likened to a child who cannot grow or survive without the help of her parents.

The other category of people (that are living an independent life) is those who have already grown past the dependent phase of life. They can survive without the help of others and can still be of help to those that need their assistance. They know where they are heading in life and that is because they have their plans and purpose to achieve in life. This set of people cannot be tossed around by anyone because they already have their focus.

Out of the two phases, the independent phase is the best.

The phase you find yourself in will determine the level of your growth in life. Whether you are still depending on others as a child or you are an independent person (An adult).

You can be mature in age, but if you still depend on others for a means of survival, waiting for others to make plans for you or before you take action on something, you are not yet mature and it means that you are not yet independent, you are still a dependent being.

An independent life is a mature life.

You cannot live an independent life when you are immature and you still hold on to others for survival.

To live an independent life, you must stop depending on others and be ready to grow past the dependent stage.

I know you've been experiencing ups and downs in your life.

I know some days feel like hell

I know at times it feels frustrating and so exhausting.

Even the ones you call friends might at one time abandon you to face your challenges alone.

And now, it seems like all hope is lost and the only option there is to give up on that dream you've been pursuing.

Because nothing seems to work.

Maybe you should give up on it already, and try doing something different from what you should do.

Maybe you should just give up already and accept what life is serving you on the plate.

Maybe you should just give up and move with every wind that blows.

"Give up, give up," is the only sentence that makes a lot of sense to you right now.

But before you give up, I want you to know this.

Maybe you're to make the way for others to find directions. Maybe you're to bear the pain of the process so that others would feel less pained.

The challenges we face sometimes are not for us, but NATIONS

Even if you've lost hope, because of those who have placed their hopes on you, because of those looking up unto you, because of the generations that are to come after you, please do not give up.

A time is coming that everything would make sense, only if you allow these moments that it's not making any sense to pass and have its course.

Keep doing what you're doing

Keep being strong.

I'm cheering you on.

I'm rooting for you!

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Being independent doesn't mean being lonely but more of knowing or discovering yourself and working on your purpose & life. We can still enjoy the community with many options.

Thinking about the nation's from what we do is caring about others too. Care on what you do and grow.

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