In pain, find purpose

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If your pains can not birth purpose, the pains were wasted. Every wound has a tale to notify.

Now, the effect and aftermath of this story/experience in the life of the scar bearer are dependent on the bearer. The story could serve as a challenge to step up or as an agent of depression.

Pains can teach a person who is sensible enough to know that he/she needs to learn from it. There is always something to learn.

I remember being on social media a particular day when I stumbled on a video ministration of Minister Dunsin Oyekan. He narrated how he felt deep pain when he had lost his wife in 2019, but rather than stay depressed, he got to understand by way of the spirit of God that his pain ought to have been channelled rightly, and so regardless of whatever pain he was feeling, he found purpose in the pain.

I've seen pain, I've gone through a phase of it. The pain of losing my Dad still hurts till now, and this is so because of the kind of bond we shared, we were best of friends. Upon his demise, I was so pissed that I had said I wasn't going to strive to be the best anymore, I would just maintain average performance.

Then I came to understand that my pains were being channelled wrongly. Lamenting and sulking in pain would do no good. Waking up to, and facing the reality head-on would do me much good. The moment I resolved to channel the pain rightly, the fire rekindled, and it was more fierce, still is. My willingness to become the best version of myself tripled.

Desire is what sponsors hard work, and hard work is a major determinant of the degree and extent to which your goals would travel.

Channel that pain rightly.

If your pain is not a source of improvement, then you need a rethink and re-evaluation.

In that pain, see the need for a better YOU, an advanced YOU and a successful YOU.

In pain, find a reason to live better, find a reason to grow above the current you, find PURPOSE and LIVE IT.

PURPOSE is principal to the establishment of man. I pray God helps us not to waste or be brought down by pain. Instead, we would learn to use it rightly.


That it was suggested to you does not mean the problem has been solved.

Suggestions are suggestions,

Suggestions are not solutions.

Suggestions will always remain suggestions unless something is done about them.

Suggestions would only work out when the principle and law of CONVERSION are obeyed.

The S.I unit for suggestion is ACTION.

Hence, actions birth solutions.

When people make suggestions to us, it is at our very own discretion to agree with or dispose of the suggestions.

Agreeing to the suggestion is one thing. Working or taking action on the suggestion is another thing.

Do be mindful equally of the kind of suggestions you agree to. Suggestions accepted are capable of redefining and shaping your life positively or negatively. Either way, you alone will be responsible for whatever outcome results from it.

Be slow to listen, pay close attention to all suggestions brought forth, but do not act on every suggestion.

Not all suggestions are workable or compatible with you. If you continue to take every suggestion, then suggestions will be responsible for ruling your life, and indirectly you will be controlled by those suggesting.

Hear suggestions,

But listen only to VALUABLE suggestions.

Be careful in listening and calm in acting.

Take actions to enforce the suggestions you find helpful.

A handful of those who are still where they are today is typical products of those always seeking suggestions yet never working on them. Some are products of bad suggestions who only discovered when it was rather too late or the repercussions for the actions they took - courtesy of the suggestions they received - were already before them.

Also, note that it is not in everything that you seek suggestions from others. Train yourself to be independent, if you must question, question your subconscious and a handful of suggestions will pop up.

Do not let the numerous suggestions from others rule you.

Your life and "decision-making" skills will end up lying and being dependent on them.

Equally, it is not everybody that you should receive suggestions from, as suggestions are capable of building as well as demolishing you. Have a circle of success-filled, purpose-driven and visioned persons as friends that you sought suggestions.

Keep like minds close, and seek suggestions from them when necessary. Do not allow suggestions to rule you.

And remember,

Suggestions will only remain suggestions until actions convert them to solutions.

Work on it,

Solve the problem.

Till I bring sense your way again.

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