Don't waste your energy and time

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9 months ago


I know you want to do something. You want to try out things, and learn as many online skills as possible.

You want to sell, you want to make money, you want to impact, you want to influence, you want to be known.

It's not bad to dream and wish for all these things. Yes, it's not bad at all.

Which area do you want to impact and make money from?

Have you thought of it?

Here are some helpful tips that will help you to minimize your energy and time while trying to be productive.

Learn a skill that interests you.

Don't learn that Skill because people are cashing out from it. Don't go into it because your friends are succeeding in it. Learn something you're passionate about, and learn what you love. It's the passion that will keep you through the dark times.

Find your suitable niche

Here is one of the biggest mistakes newbie writers always make. I did make the mistake as well. Trying to learn everything and trying to work on all the niches. It's not bad to learn everything, cause you will get the knowledge that will help your skill but trying to function everywhere won't favour you as a newbie.

Let's say, you're a story writer, content writer, copywriter, ghostwriter, and Scriptwriter, trying to be everything will require a lot of energy and time from you. To make it easier, master one first, practice and be good at it, and be known for it then it will be easier to add others.

Take it easy

Don't always be in a rush. Take time to master what you've been taught. It is a process, enjoy and embrace it with patience. Allow yourself to grow, it's okay to make mistakes, don't be too hard on yourself.

Have a mentor/Coach

Trying to do it all by yourself when there's something that can help you walk through the path with ease will be a waste of energy and time. There are experts in your niche, learn from them. Take their paid classes and let them guide you through, doing it alone will be difficult.  Learning by yourself is not a bad idea, but having an expert to guide you will make you enjoy the whole process.

Take time to practice

Stop wasting your time and energy on frivolous things when you should be practising what you were taught. While people are making money online, you are losing yours by the daily use of data.

If you're not earning money or working online then stop wasting your data and energy online. Use that energy to practice and sharpen your skills.

Different, Yet The Same

The world is composed of a sea of people, each one uniquely different from another.

A family of 5 siblings is a lot for parents to hold together ever since their childhood days.

One may be the silent type, one who never ceases to talk, one generous and giving, be it toys, food or personal belongings. One of them still may be strict with her or his things.

Later in the society where they grew up, other character traits will soon manifest as they get more exposed to others.

They emulate classmates and Teachers they like or want to be like people they admire. Some characteristics of others can be seen or detected by us, their parents, who are their very first teachers!

We don't want any of our children to live wayward lives. If we noticed the change in them, may we hear and listen to the warning bells!

Time to give them our Undivided Attention!

Every child needs our firm words of advice and loving discipline.

Only by teaching them the proper way, at a proper time, in a proper mood, could they come to understand that we are doing this for their sake, but without ruining their childlike zest for life!

Our communities and society, in general, are suffering from behavioural patterns owing to misguided parenting.

The family, though the smallest unit of a community needs to be the pillar for children to grow as responsible adults!

Dear parents, please let us love our children by training them on the way they should go!

If this was helpful, drop a comment.

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9 months ago


You raised such high note points, we are spending lots of data on apps that are just wasting our time as well as money. We should be more focused on online earning. & this platform is the best place to invest time and data as a rusty reward for writing and our writing skills also can be improved by practices

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9 months ago

Exactly true. This is what I'm gonna say. People should focus on online earning apps rather than waste their time on different activities. Thank you dude for your great feedback.

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9 months ago

I agree, train the child according to the Lord's teaching and when they grow, they will thank you. There is such thing as ghostwriter? Haha

Responsible children copy their elders. Use your time and energy and get out of laziness..

Our communities and society, in general, are suffering from behavioural patterns owing to misguided parenting.

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9 months ago

Yes, this is the main reason. Children need guidance from their parents or elders at this age and if they don't learn then it will be difficult for them to teach. Thank you dear for writing a valuable comment here.

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9 months ago

We should do the right discipline to our children,as I observed from my surroundings,children are no longer give respect to the elders not all but many of them because of lack of attention from the parents.

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9 months ago

Exactly this is the age to teach them, to care about them. Thank you dear for your wonderful feedback.

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9 months ago