Do Not Waste Away, Find Something To Do

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Do Not Waste Away, Find Something To Do!

This topic reminded me of a man who was a farmer. He is the type that loves idleness and always procrastinates. He refused to cultivate his land and plant on it while other farmers were busy working. He always came up with different excuses each day why he cannot start his cultivation and planting at that time.

Today, it is either he gave an excuse that he wanted to wait for the right time to do that; or that he still had more time to achieve his aim. Tomorrow, the excuse might be that the ground is too hard to till, so he will want to wait till it rains before he does that. The day after tomorrow, he might come up with an excuse that it is too sunny and he cannot work under the sun. On other days, he might say that he is not feeling too well.

He kept on complaining while he sat down doing nothing and kept procrastinating. This kept going on for some months, till other farmers were through with their plantings. The time of harvest came, famine came to the land, and he has nothing to eat. His friends, on the other hand, have harvested their crops and now have food to eat for the period of the famine, even in excess that will sustain them after the famine.

He went to them for help, but no one was ready to help him. They told him to go to his farmland and start working as they did and in a few months, he will also have something to eat. It was at that time, that he regretted his actions. He realized how much of his time he had wasted doing nothing and the consequences of his actions in the end.

He said to himself "Had I known this will be the consequences of my actions, I would have acted fast and worked while others were working".

When you do not get yourself busy with something, you can waste away in the process. The particular time you can start building for your future is, now! Not tomorrow. Today will determine what your future would be, your future starts from this moment.

Some of the things that can stop you from finding things to do and also wasting away are idleness and procrastination.

Idleness is when you keep wasting time and doing nothing while procrastination is when you keep postponing or delaying something you should do or would like to do and also keep wasting time on it. Idleness and procrastination both deal with time and they are both enemies of progress.

When you stay idle and procrastinate always, you are already wasting time you could have used to invest in something or achieve something better. A time that has been wasted can never be regained back, it is gone forever.

To find yourself something to do, you need to find your purpose, draw out your plans, and be prepared to make the best use of each day to fulfil them. Learn new things to make you better in your personal life and your chosen career, and engage yourself in some other things that can help you to contribute to life positively.

If you do not act now, you might not be able to achieve those goals of yours again. It is not until you have something big that you can achieve your plans and fulfil your purpose in life. You can make use of the little things you have, such as your resources, your talent, and your determination to achieve them. Through persistence and hard work, you will make your dreams big.

Ensure you act now! Time waits for nobody. The future is already in your hands. Do not permit idleness and procrastination to deprive you of doing that. There is no perfect time to act on those plans of yours. The perfect time to fulfil those plans and purposes of yours is, NOW!

Find yourself something to do!

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1 year ago


The farmers habit resemble to me, everyday I have the different kinds of reason to don't write the blogšŸ¤©, I learnt lesson from the farmer story and try my best to never waste my Time anymore

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1 year ago

Heheheeh it's good if you learned something new here. A happy life is nothing without hard work. If we have to get luxurious life then we have to work hard for it.

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1 year ago