Common Reasons for relationships breakup

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Common Reasons For Relationships Breakup

There are many reasons why breakups do occur in some relationships; some of which are listed below;

Poor Communication Skills:-

Regular communication between two partners will boost a healthy relationship but when the two people involved in a relationship make their communication poor by not communicating frequently with each other or do not even communicate at all, it can make their relationship boring and also cause distance between them and at the end, this can lead to their breakup when they see no reason why they should continue in such a boring relationship.

Differences Between Partners:-

Incompatibility between two partners can lead to their breakup. Unable to be on the same page when making some important decisions e.g when to get married, when to have kids, where to live after the wedding, their expectations in marriage, what their goals should be, and how to achieve them can be another reason for a breakup in a relationship.

Excessive Jealousy:-

A breakup can occur in a relationship if one of the partners gets too jealous and the excessive jealousy makes him or her feel insecure about the other person, suspect him or her wrongly, and monitor or question his or her partner's movement. The jealous partner or the other partner might be the one to end the relationship.

Unrealistic Expectations:-

When you expect too much from your partner, expect him or her to be hundred percent perfect with no flaws. Setting unrealistic standards for your partner and comparing him or her to other people (maybe your ex) and expecting him or her to be like that person can lead to a breakup in a relationship, especially when your partner cannot meet up with your unrealistic expectations/standards or he or she gets frustrated by them.

Being In The Relationship For The Wrong Reason:-

Some wrong reasons for going into a relationship might be because you want to satisfy your financial needs, stay away from pressure from friends and members of the family or put an end to your loneliness. When you go into a relationship for one of the wrong reasons, it could lead to your relationship breakup.


It is a normal thing for your partner to offend you. Sometimes, he or she will hurt your feelings and make you feel bad but when you find it hard to forgive the person and forget what he or she did to you, it can lead to an unhealthy relationship which will eventually lead to a breakup.

Lack Of Emotional Connection:-

One of the things that lead to a healthy relationship is an emotional connection between relationship partners. An emotional connection can be built when you and your partner get to know each other more, create time for each other, and share your mind.

A lack of emotional connection between the partners can lead to a breakup.


This is one of the extensively common explanations for breakup. There can be a break-up in the relationship when one of the partners is unfaithful to the other person and acts wayward.

Frequent Arguments/Fights:-

When the two partners argue always and always defend their right (not accepting blames). Also, frequent fights/conflicts between them without the ability to deal with them can lead to their breakup.

Money Issues:-

Money issues can also be a contributing factor to a breakup. Mismanaging and misuse of finances by one of them, unable to be on the same page in terms of money spending, money saving, and hiding secret savings from each other can also lead to a breakup of the relationship.

Toxic Abusive Behavior:-

Physical or emotional abuse from a toxic partner can lead to a breakup with the other person. The person that has been abused by the abuser can decide to leave the relationship when he or she cannot tolerate the victimization, beatings, or threats from the toxic partner again.


Thinking only about yourself in a relationship can lead to a breakup.

Also, when you expect or want to always be the only one at the receiving end and are not ready to give in your relationship, it can lead to the end of the relationship; especially, when the one at the losing end realizes that he or she does not benefit from the relationship and decides to end it.

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Every relationship will experience different kinds of problems everything that you have mentioned are true, but, there's always a way to settle it, if both spouse were committed with their commitment.

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1 year ago

Exactly well said. Understanding is the most important thing in the relationship. If both spouses understand each other then it's so easy to make the relationship good.

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