Celebrate Yourself

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Sometimes the motivation we seek won't be forthcoming.

Maybe we need someone to say a thing or two to us so we can just keep moving. I have learnt that over the years what we so much seek to have doesn't come to us when we need it the most.

You just have to source for it yourself. You just have to motivate yourself if the motivation you so desire isn't coming through.

Don't wait for any motivation before you start something or motivation to keep doing what you're doing.

How I allowed a rare opportunity slipped away.

Have you ever lost an opportunity to get better?

How did you feel?

Why did you lose it?

Have you ever denied yourself something important?

Read this and learn.

That Thursday afternoon, I could vividly remember that some corners came to my school and went down straight to my principal's office.

Shortly, after they entered, I and some other of my classmates were called into the office and our principal asked us to prepare for a debate session in two hours that will be anchored by the corp members that came visiting.

The title for the debate was "Day school is better than boarding school". You know how this thing works right?

I thought of who to represent my class, so we could challenge the science student and win but my friend said almost immediately Agatha, we are representing our class, right?

And I replied,"NO". She asked to know what was my reason for saying No but I didn't reply, I just told her I was not interested.

Eventually, she left me and asked one of my classmates to join her. I gave both of them some ideas to add to theirs and afterwards we won.

At that point, I was happy we won and at the same time, I felt bad for not participating. My friend was given a pair of shoes and the sum of eight thousand nairas while the other was given a T shirt.

That night, at home I cried out my eyes and was so disappointed in myself.

From that day, I vowed to always give myself the chance to try and stop denying myself. Maybe, if I had allowed myself to participate, I would have been given a pair of shoes ( I thought of that)

I hid under my negative shell and ended up wallowing in the mediocrity of self-pity. Only GOD and those that have allowed opportunities like this to slip away from their hands can understand how I felt that day.

Chances like this are rare, be careful not to lose them, my experience taught me a lesson. Learn to seriously believe in yourself that was what my friend did.

Give yourself the chance to explore. Stop denying yourself. Failure is not the end of life, don't be scared of failing, it shouldn't stop you like mine did that day.

Give yourself the chance and get better so that you won't say GOD When! whenever you see your mates making it.

Read this to avoid being a victim of delayed goal getting because of a poor mindset.

I have always wanted to become a writer for a long time. The novels I read when I was a child made me believe that I too have a message to pass across for people to also read.

But, this mindset I harboured deprived me of becoming one. This poor mindset denied me of achieving that goal I have always wanted to get.

The viewpoint is that we already have many writers, me enlisting the numbers won't make any distinction.

This made me remember what someone told me. He said, "E be like say everybody don turn writer, who go con read?"

As funny as this sounds, writers are never enough. What I mean is, that we can never say that writers are too many because they're many yet unborn.

My point exactly

Because many writers have emerged doesn't mean you can't be one and do your thing differently. You are unique in your way.

We might have the same idea but would hit it differently because we all have different ways we see this. The truth is, we are all writers whether you like it or not.

From the chats you make

To the comments to make under people's post. Regarding the status, you always update on WhatsApp

We are all writing.

Dear you

You have a message to pass across. It's in you. Your world is waiting to hear it. You shouldn't deprive them of that. Many jobs can fail, but you see Writing, it is here to stay.

We are irreplaceable.

Celebrate yourself.

We will be many.

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I agree.

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